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 Sector 3

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PostSubject: Sector 3   Mon Aug 31, 2009 12:29 pm

Sector 3 PVP Areas Marked With Red Circles

CHOTA: Warhall
Enforcer: Blackhill
Lightbearer: St. Sebastian's
Tech: Chemtown
Traveler: Banker's Hole
Vista: Gaia

Banker/Neutral: Trader's Flat
Franklin Riders/Neutral: Repository

Neutral: Diesel Town
Neutral: Docuer's Court
Neutral: Papermill
Neutral: Blackridge
Neutral: Tannerfield
Neutral: Brigg's Point
Neutral: Monkey Town

Conflict: Sector 3 PVP Area Map
Conflict: Waste Farm
Conflict: Fender's Gate
Conflict: Haietta
Conflict: Park City

Cave: Cult of the Dead Graveyard
Cave: Hive of the Changed

Hostile: Brekshire
Hostile: Judge's Courtyard
Hostile: Buxton

Known but Unmapped Locations:
Spider Maze (cave areas) 6076894,5411657,188635
The Bungalow (PvP Zone) 6000394,5981352,191462
Redstone Research Facility (bunker, unofficial name, probably close, one instance refers to it as Redstone, another instances refers to a bunker number) 6344969,5903540,-2147483648
Changed mine (unofficial name, cave near Docuer's Court) 6207277,5956143,191379
Raven's Roost (outdoor mission hub/encounter area) 6639260,5372863,194994
Castoff Canyon (outdoor mission hub/encounter area) 7036972,5405998,159734
Unmarked cave (cave, no name known) 6546442,4898938,-2147483648
Shangri-La (outdoor mission hub) 6255853,4790347,185642

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Sector 3
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