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 AP Quests Sector 1 V2.0

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PostSubject: AP Quests Sector 1 V2.0   Fri Sep 18, 2009 6:32 pm

Sector 1


•Scraw, Scraw's Regular Rounds -> Shaman Blue-Eye, Scraw's Regular Rounds = 2 AP (At the top of the cliff on the South side of town)
•War Leader Jannix Boneclaw, Jannix's Raider Bounty -> War Away From Home = 2 AP
•Scrum, Descent -> Claw of Redhand, Over a Dead Body = 1 AP

Clinton FARM:

•Harry Abingdon, Courage in the Field -> In The Mine (Courage in the Breach Instance) = 1 AP
•Sam Clinton, Sam's Sanction = 2 AP
•Dr. Delia Clinton, A Semester Enrollment -> Laurie Clinton, Attending = 2 AP
•Garren Bramby, Dangerous Job -> Let Her Know = 1 AP


•Jessica Wiss, Coppermine Waystation -> Wolves of the Superfund = 1 AP
•Clairissa Cross, Marching Orders -> Bert Coford, Into the Nest = 1 AP
•Quartermaster Weston, Assembly Line Production = 1 AP
•Angie Sharpe, Dead Man's Run -> Angie Sharpe, Man on the Run = 1 AP OR
•Angie Sharpe, Dead Man's Run -> Angie Sharpe, Let There Be Mercy = 1 AP (ending depends on player choice)

Depot 66:

•Terence Bonadventure/Suki Oonishi, The Play's The Thing = 1 AP (continues on below at Kyle Mather, The Show Must Go On) OR
•Terence Bonadventure/No-Toes Cranston, Patron of the Arts -> No-Toes Cranston, The Show Must Go On = 1 AP (continues below as Kyle Mather, The Show Must Go On)
•Kyle Mather/Terence Bonaventure, The Show Must Go On = 1 AP
•Bing Tangelo, Malibu Dream House = 2 AP

Embry Crossroads:

•Doctor Elizabeth Watson, Lost Sibling = 1 AP
•Flynn Neville, The Embry Job = 2 AP
•Elroy Killian, Closing The Book = 2 AP
•Krissy Fincher, Yours to Mine = 1 AP (need to do Fincher mission in South Burb quarry first)


•Zee Taylor, Zee Axes -> Rider's Escort Division = 1 AP
•Ronnie Johnston, Snake Charmer -> Snake Bite (Team) = 1 AP (requires Jim Conrad and Gunther Olman missions first)
•Forscythe, Casta Gaunt Must Die (Boss) = 1 AP (Boss, Level 25 Master Casta Gaunt)


•Jocelyn Arimonte, Viva! Lost Vega -> Vega's Wedding = 1 AP
•Jason Dugan, Binoculars -> Binoggles = 1 AP
•Colin Meebs, Something In There -> Not Creatures, Soldiers = 1 AP


•Marcia Huro, Preventive Medicine -> Richard Linder, Field of Battle -> Pharmacy After The Fall = 1 AP
•Joseph Peters, Found Trouble -> Ted Cutter, The Great Machine, part 2 = 2 AP
•Pala Gears, Midway Dilemma -> Thomas Keller, ? = 2 AP OR
•Pala Gears, Midway Dilemma -> Nicky Burns, Rightful Masters -> Jim Rothery, Nasty, Brutish, and Short = 2 AP
•(mission depends on choice at Pala Gears)


•Stanford Wells, The Low Road = 1 AP
•Sasha Bryant, Spreading the word -> Rachel Tan, The Message -> Allisa Bryant (Pinkston), Death Sentence 2 = 2 AP


•Ida Rios, Soothing the Pain = 1 AP
•Simmons, Revenge and Recovery = 1 AP
•Mag Thurber, Piece of the Piemaker -> Krista Thurber, Humble Pie = 1 AP
•Jaggd, Reporting In -> Sheriff Amy Dennis, A Good Collar = 1 AP OR
•Jaggd, A Jagged Cut -> Jaggd, Slice and Dice = 1 AP
•(both initiated by Jaggd, mission depends on whether you side with Jaggd or the Sheriff)
•Ballsy Frank, A Bit of a Pickle -> Mercury Reynolds/Tish Simmons, Once and For All = 1 AP OR Jon Dawkins, Lets Get This Over With = 1 AP
•(both initiated by Ballsy Frank in Lifenet, mission depends on player choice from Ballsy Frank)

Needle Eye:

•Tammy Stone, A Fungus Among Us = 1 AP
•Jimbo McClellan, Local Anesthesia -> Fred Cassidy, Refugee Wrath:The Hero Returns = 1 AP
•Anna Marcum, Toiletry Supply -> Benita Kesner, An Explosive Situation (Team) = 1 AP (Harrison Giles, Grain Drain leads to Anna Marcum)

North Burb:

•Brother Eric Kelly, Not Exactly Sterile = 1 AP
•Laungon Smith (North Burb)/Enzo Giovanni (Embry Crossroads), Laying the Hammer Down = 1 AP
•Dan Hamilton/Brother Eric Kelly, To Make an Omlette = 1 AP
•Chavez Herrera, Wrapped in Wool -> Sister Kenyon (North Burb)/Enzo Giovanni (Embry Crossroads), Favored Son = 1 AP
•Brother Paul Kelly (North Burb), Containing the Contagion -> Enzo Giovanni (Embry Crossroads), Escalating the Issue = 1 AP
•(need to do Dan Hamilton, To Make an Omlette and Hya Milton, Pack of Liars and Theresa Miller, Supply Run -> Unknown Affliction first)


•Eagle Eye Tom, On the Order Scorpions -> The Nest = 1 AP
•Nurse Karen Wheeler, Bandage Aid -> Sylvia Anderson/Caravan Guard, Don't Sleep 'till Odenville = 1 AP
•Sylvia Anderson, Odenville Chamber of Commerce -> Salvager Summit = 1 AP
•Daphne McKlusky, Mining Our Business -> Tom Skittle, Killer Clones = 1 AP
•Aaron Edgars, ? -> Picking Up The Pieces = 1 AP (at the Odenville mine site)


•Johann Gruber/Ryan Upton, Internal Combustion = 2 AP (behind Hugh O'Boyle, Engine Search)
•Hans Grettner/Reggie Baptiste, A Crankshaft of My Own = 2 AP (behind Hugh O'Boyle, Engine Search)
•Rafael Lopez/Akio Saito, A House Divided = 1 AP
•Peyton Cleary/One, Education and Catastrophe = 1 AP

Pass Chris:

•Serena Nova, Murphy's Law = 1 AP
•Roger Scarborough, Friends in Need = 1 AP
•Tommy Smalls, Method's Madness = 2 AP


•Stanley Finn, Gone Astray From the Flock = 2 AP
•Allisa Bryant, Offense is the best Defense -> Finishing The Job = 1 AP
•Mink Pearl/Solomon Trout, Judgement Day = 2 AP

Rest Stop:

•Computer Terminal, You're Dying = 1 AP
•Graham 442, Rottermined = 1 AP

South Burb:

•Noah Wright, The Bears and the Bees = 1 AP
•Paul Jacobson, Rats in the Refuse = 1 AP
•Paul Jacobson, Into the Rat's Refuse = 1 AP (requires Paul Jacobson, Rats in the Refuse first)
•Ranger Samuel Dorsey, Back to The Ranger = 1 AP
•Melinda Jacobson, Is the Grass Greener -> Ranger Samuel Dorsey, Razortongue's Demise = 1 AP (continues to Razortongue's Demise below)
•Ranger Samuel Dorsey, Razortongue's Demise -> Raisin Delmatti (Mumford), Chance to Return = 1 AP (requires Ranger Samuel Dorsey, Razortongue's Demise first)

Spider Hill:

•David Ramsey/Brian Hammond, Power Surge -> Brian Hammond, Into The Hive = 1 AP (requires David Ramsey, Speak with Lou-Ellen Ramsey First)
•Access Card 2991R = 1 AP (inside the spider lair)


•Harold Gibson/Tim Miller, Makings of a Beast = 1 AP


•Graham846, Hardware Scramble -> Computer Terminal, You're Still Dying = 1 AP
•Brother Keenan Orelsby, Hide Your Light = 1 AP OR
•Brother Keenan Orelsby/Boss Marcosi, Travel Light = 1 AP
•(mission depends on player choice)
•Ranger Travis, Pandora's Box = 1 AP

Trailer Park:

•Thelma Jo Wheeler, Inside Man = 2 AP
•Melissa Day Bell, By Its Cover = 1 AP
•Intercom, Identity Crisis = 1 AP (continues to Lifenet Terminal, Identity Crisis)
•Lifenet Terminal, Identity Crisis = 1 AP (requires Intercom, Identity Crisis first)


•Computer terminal, Voice From the Dark (Boss) = 1 AP
•Captain Reynolds, Word From Command/Checking In = 2 AP
•Tommy Newton, Early Bird -> Corporal Tagamonte, The Vivisectionist (Boss) = 2 AP


•Interim Quartermaster Adam Hawk, You Reap What You Sow = 1 AP
•Sgt. Baskins/Verrio, Point Blank Slate = 2 AP total (2 x 1 AP)
•Cal Thosian, Fell the Angels = 1 AP

List by Xelloss99 (Skag). Thanks go to Fallout Hero (original AP list), Xix13 (miscellaneous S1/S2 clarifications), Toecutter (Picus Ridge, Chemtown, Black Hill, miscellaneous clarifications) and Alexa (St. Sebastian, Park City, Haietta additions and verification) for additional information.
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PostSubject: Kingman - The Casta's Razor missions   Fri Sep 18, 2009 6:48 pm

Starts with Ed Grady at the Fuel station. The search for Casta's Razor gives one AP.
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AP Quests Sector 1 V2.0
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