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 Sector 2

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PostSubject: Sector 2   Mon Aug 31, 2009 12:21 pm

Sector 2 PVP Areas Marked In Red Circles

CHOTA: Fracture
Enforcer: Post 23
Lightbearer: Haven
Tech: Picus Ridge
Traveler: Credit Bend
Vista: Thorne's Bluff

Banker/Neutral: Blaine
Franklin Riders/Neutral: Kristo's Rest

Neutral: Barret Manor
Neutral: Devon Township
Neutral: Lost City
Neutral: New Flagstaff
Neutral: Sunshine Corners

Conflict: Sector 2 PVP Areas Map
Conflict: Hollister Point
Conflict: New Gallows
Conflict: The Dump
Conflict: Tinkersdam
Conflict: Windfarm

Bunker: Refinery
Bunker: Wasp*Mart
Bunker: Sunset Hill Cemetary
Bunker: New Flagstaff University
Bunker: Devil's Own Fortress

Hostile: Aesterly
Hostile: Burnside
Hostile: Last Stop
Hostile: Abandoned Storefronts
Hostile: Core Sample Drilling Station
Hostile: Redfield

Ruined Town: Creeperville
Ruined Town: Roach City
Ruined Town: Anton

Known but Unmapped Locations:

Gamburian Encampment (mission hub) 5116680,5267573,183931

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Sector 2
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