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 AP misson list S1 game version 1.1.3

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PostSubject: AP misson list S1 game version 1.1.3   Tue Dec 01, 2009 3:21 pm

After completing all missions in S1 with two characters I think I have a complete list of AP mission in S1 for game version 1.1.3 giving a total of 117 AP.

Raw pasted version of list is in this post.

PDF files for printer output and Word source document are here:
There you'll also find a document with tables listing useful services in S1 such as Franklin merchants, vaults, garages/stables, item exchange NPCs.

For finding the locations of mission givers this list is a nice help:

Hope you find it useful and feel free to use it on FE Wiki sites etc.

Boneclaw (starting town): 5 AP
• 2 AP. Jannix Boneclaw: Jannix's Raider Bounty.
• 2 AP. Scraw: Scraw's Regular Rounds.
• 1 AP. Scrum: Descent > Claw of Redhand: Over a Dead Body.

Clinton FARM (starting town): 5 AP (see Note 1.)
• 2 AP. Dr. Delia Clinton: A Semester Enrollment > Laurie Clinton: Attending.
• 2 AP. Sam Clinton: Sam's Sanction.
• 1 AP. Garren Bramby: Dangerous Job.

Coppermine: 4 AP
• 1 AP. Clairissa Cross: Marching Orders > Bert Coford: Into the Nest.
• 1 AP. Jessica Wiss: Worst of Times.
• 1 AP. Quartermaster Weston, Preparing for War.
• 1 AP. Angie Sharpe: Dead Man's Run > Derek Halsten: Dead Man's Run > chose one of these options:
o “Kill Jon Fitzwilliam” > Derek Halsten: Man on the Run > Angie Sharpe (1 AP).
o “Talk with Jon Fitzwilliam” > Derek Halsten: Let There Be Mercy >
Jon Fitzwilliam > Angie Sharpe > Derek Halsten (1 AP).

Depot 66 (starting town): 4 AP
• 2 AP. Bing Tangelo: Malibu Dream House.
• 2 AP. Terence Bonaventure > select “MacBeth” or “Julius Caesar”. (see Note 2.)
o “MacBeth”. Terence Bonaventure: Patron of the Arts >
No-Toes Cranston: The Show Must Go On (1 AP) >
Kyle Mather > Slammer Winstead > Terence Bonaventure (1 AP).
o “Julius Caesar”. Terence Bonaventure: The Play's The Thing >
Suki Oonishi: The Play's The Thing (1 AP) >
Suki Oonishi: The Curtains Falls (1 AP).

Embry Crossroads: 14 AP (6 + archivists Cool
• 1 AP. Doctor Elizabeth Watson: Lost Sibling.
• 2 AP. Elroy Killian: True Reason > Randy Melbourne: Closing the Book.
(In some towns a NPC named “Open Book Recruiter“ will give the mission “Open Book Society” just to lead you to Elroy Killian: Mumford, North Burb, South Burb, Odenville, Oilville.)
• 2 AP. Flynn Neville, The Embry Job.
• 1 AP. Krissy Fincher: Yours to Mine.
(She will not talk with you until you have done Ragin Fincher’s “Bottom Feeders” in the South Burb quarry.)
• 8 AP. Master Archivist Augusta Brown: The Archive Coalition. To get the AP hand in the collections to:
Archivist Chet Perkins: The Plateau Omnibus (5 AP).
Archivist Tam Nguyen: Plateau Combat Collection (1 AP).
Archivist Tam Nguyen: Plateau Research Collection (1 AP).
Archivist Tam Nguyen: Plateau Support Collection (1 AP).

Kingman: 5 AP
• 1 AP. Ed Grady: Reluctant Resister > Gunther Olman: Resistance, Exercise >
Ed Grady: Sibling Rivalry > Stavros, Carbon Copy.
• 1 AP. Forscythe: Casta Gaunt Must Die > Sid: Casta Gaunt Must Die.
• Jim Conrad: Clipped Wing > Gunther Olman: Only the Fight Matters > Stavros Gaunt (upon arrival at the resistance’s house the mission completes, and the resistance members inside the house will have missions for you):
o 1 AP. Ronnie Johnston, Raiders Gone Wild.
o 1 AP. Thomas Bergman, Weapon Recoup.
• 1 AP. Zee Taylor: Zee Axes.

Linewood: 4 AP (confirmed) Veyni, Evina
• 1 AP. Arche Walters: Town Under Siege > Jinny Rivera (Old Kingman): Blocking LifeNet.
• 1 AP. Colin Meebs: Something In There.
• 1 AP. Jason Dugan: Binoculars.
• 1 AP. Jocelyn Arimonte: Viva! Lost Vega.

Midway (starting town): 5 AP
• 2 AP. Joseph Peters (combat trainer 2nd floor): Found Trouble.
• 1 AP. Marcia Huro (geology shop): Preventive Medicine > Albert Santos >
Richard Linder (next to Albert): Field of Battle > Albert Santos: Advance Warning >
Marcia Huro: Pharmacy After The Fall.
• 2 AP. Pala Gears (LifeNet facility): Midway Dilemma > chose to go to Keller or Burns:
o Thomas Keller, Midway's New Masters > Mish Browning: Antiseptic, Anesthetic >
Jenny Dunn: Quick and Dirty.
Note: To get to Mish Browning start with roof top on Social Trainer house, and then jump a lot.
o Nicky Burns: Rightful Masters > Jim Rothery: Nasty, Brutish, and Short.

Mowbray: 3 AP
• 2 AP. Rachel Tan: Re-Enlightenment > Judge Recruiter: The Message > Rachel Tan, Death Sentence > Allisa Bryant (Pinkston holdout camp).
• 1 AP. Stanford Wells: The Low Road.

Mumford (starting town): 7 AP
• 1 AP. Ballsy Frank in the Life Net > chose to work for Mercury Reynolds or Jon Dawkins:
o Ballsy Frank: A Bit of a Pickle > Mercury Reynolds: Once and For All. (Also gives you “Crater Zone Zip Gun Plans”.)
o Ballsy Frank: A Bit of a Pickle > Jon Dawkins, Lets Get This Over With. (Also gives you “Crater Weed Zip Gun Plans”.)
• 1 AP. Ida Rios: It’s All About the Pain.
• 1 AP. Mag Thurbe: Piece of the Piemaker (intitial dialog options makes no difference).
• 1 AP. Simmons: Revenge and Recovery.
• 3 AP. Select one of these from Jaggd (Note 3):
o Siding with the sheriff: Jaggd, Reporting In > Sheriff Amy Dennis: A Good Collar (1 AP) >
”Pops” Stephens (Embry): Smuggler's Payback (2 AP).
o Siding with Jaggd: Jaggd: A Jagged Cut > Jaggd: Slice and Dice (1 AP) >
Sergeant Benson (Embry): Vengeful Weapons (2 AP).

Needle Eye: 3 AP
• 1 AP. Anna Marcum: Harsh words > Shalista Clark: An Explosive Situation.
• 1 AP. Jimbo McClellan: Local Anesthesia > Fred Cassidy, Refugee Wrath.
• 1 AP. Tammy Stone: A Fungus Among Us.

North Burb (starting town): 5 AP
• 1 AP. Brother Eric Kelly: Not Exactly Sterile.
• 1 AP. Chavez Herrera: Wrapped in Wool > Enzo Giovanni (Embry): Favored Son.
• 1 AP. Laungon Smith: Laying the Hammer Down > Enzo Giovanni (Embry).
• 2 AP. Containing the Contagion.
Step 1. Complete these three missions in any order:
o Dan Hamilton: To Make an Omelette Brother Kelly (1 AP) >
take the Chicken DNA Report to Brother Paul Kelly.
o Hya Milton: Pack of Liars > take the Bundle of Blades to Brother Paul Kelly.
o Theresa Miller: Unknown Affliction > take Dana’s Journal to Brother Paul Kelly.
(Theresa is in the camp east of the garage by the north road out of town.)

Step 2. This mission will now be available:
o Brother Paul Kelly: Containing the Contagion > Enzo Giovanni (Embry): Escalating the Issue (1AP).

Oasis: 3 AP
• 2 AP. Junior Bank Officer Cotton: Fill the Coffers.
• 1 AP. Kelly Stillman: Crawling With ‘Em.

Odenville: 5 AP
• 1 AP. Daphne McKlusky: Mining Our Business.
• 1 AP. Daphne McKlusky: Demanding Supply > Aaron Edgars: Mostly came out at night.
• 1 AP. Eagle Eye Tom: On the Order Scorpions.
• 1 AP. Karen Wheeler: Bandage Aid > completion of escort gives the AP.
• 1 AP. Sylvia Anderson: Odenville Chamber of Commerce.

Oilville: 6 AP
• 2 AP. Hans Grettner: A Crankshaft of My Own.
• 2 AP. Johann Gruber: Internal Combustion.
• 1 AP. Peyton Cleary: Education and Catastrophe. (Notes 4 and 5.)
• 1 AP. Rafael Lopez: A House Divided.

Pass Chris: 4 AP
• 1 AP. Roger Scarborough: Friends in Need.
• 1 AP. Serena Nova: Murphy's Law.
• 2 AP. Tommy Smalls: Method's Madness > Captain Reynolds (Watchtower). (ATV Crafting knowledge.)

Pinkston Holdout Camp (West of Pinkston): 5 AP
• 2 AP. Stanley Finn: Gone Astray From the Flock.
• 1 AP. Allisa Bryant: Offense is the best Defense > Finishing The Job.
• 2 AP. Mink Pearl: Judgment Day.

Rest Stop: 2 AP
• 2 AP. Part 3 of mission “Who are you clone?”:
Graham 442. Rottermined (1 AP) >
Computer Terminal (LifeNet pod). You're Dying (1 AP).

South Burb (starting town): 6 AP
• 3 AP. Melinda Jacobson: Is the Grass Greener >
Ranger Samuel Dorsey: Back to The Ranger (1 AP) >
Ranger Samuel Dorsey: Razortongue's Demise (1 AP) >
Raisin Delmatti (Mumford): Chance to Return (1 AP).
• 1 AP. Noah Wright: The Bears and the Bees.
• 2 AP. Paul Jacobson (farm along road SW of town): Rats in the Refuse (1 AP) >
Into the Rat's Refuse (1 AP).
• Ragin Fincher (quarry north of town): Bottom Feeders > opens up Krissy Fincher’s mission in Embry.

Spider Hill: 2 AP
• 1 AP. Access Card 2991R (inside the spider hive) > Computer console.
• 1 AP. Lou-Ellen Ramsay: Spider Hill Horror > David Ramsay: Caught in the Web >
Brian Hammond: Into the Hive.

Terance: 3 AP
• 2 AP. Franklin Grimes (the Mine Entrance): The Truth Lies Within > TETRAX: A Crucial Announcement > Franklin Grimes: A Crucial Announcement > Radio Transmitter: A Crucial Announcement (2 AP received a little after the message has be sent).
• 1 AP. Nicholas Hart: Makings of A Beast (Note 6.)

Trailer Park: 4 AP
• 1 AP. Intercom (Hoffa Bunker): Identity Crisis > LifeNet Console (LifeNet facility in Murder Hole): Identity Crisis. (An Elena Winters clone asks you to search for her deep under New Flagstaff in North Fields.)
(Missions leading to the location of Hoffa Bukner are “Melissa Bell: By Its Cover”, and “Billy Bob Swayhill: The Hoffa Bunker”.)
• 1 AP. Melissa Day Bell: By Its Cover.
• 2 AP. Thelma Jo Wheeler: Inside Man.

Trumbull: 4 AP
• 1 AP. Brother Keenan Orelsby (chose ‘truth’ or ‘lie’):
o Truth. Brother Keenan Orelsby: Hide Your Light.
o Lie. Brother Keenan Orelsby: Travel Light > Salty Hal Roberts > Boss Marcosi. > Sekker Paula Fasthorse.
• 1AP. Part 4 of mission “Who are you clone?”:
Life Net Systems console (Life Net Facility in Trumbull): You’re still dying >
Graham 846 (Life Net Facility): Hardware scramble > Main Power console (New Toro) >
Life Net Systems (Life Net Facility): You’re still dying. (Gives the Genetic Superiority Serum.)
• 1 AP. Ranger Izzy Travis: Pandora's Box. (Choosing “combat” or “diplomacy” makes no big difference.)
• 1 AP. Scourge: Rage Against the Machine > Main Power console (New Toro): Entering the Codes > Main Power console: Lost Power > Scourge.

Watchtower: 5 AP
• 2 AP. Captain Reynolds: Word From Command > Checking In.
• 1 AP. NORSEC (Computer Terminal in Missile Silos): Voice From The Darkness. (Note 7 and 8.)
Note: At each terminal NORSEC tell you which terminal to visit next. There is no mission marker on the map so you’ll have to read the mission text before accepting/ completing missions to find the terminals.
• 2 AP. Tommy Newton: Early Bird > Diary: Paging Dr. Corman >
Corporal Tagamonte: The Vivisectionist.

Zanesville (starting town): 4 AP
• 1 AP. Adam Hawk: You Reap What You Sow > Tactical Officer Klay.
• 1 AP. Cal Thosia: Fell the Angels.
• 2 AP. Sgt. Baskins: Point Blank Slate > PCF Slotnik (1 AP) >
Verrio, Point Blank Slate (1 AP - this AP is not shown in the mission journal; you’ll get it when completing the mission after leaving the hangar).

1. Clinton FARM. Patch 1.1.1 removed the 1 AP reward from the mission chain starting with “Harry Abingdon: Courage in the Field” (leading to some missions inside the mine).
2. Depot 66. Patch 1.1.3 added 1 AP to the “Julius Caesar” so now both option give 2 AP each.
3. Mumford. Patch 1.1.3 added a follow-up mission in Embry for characters chosing to side with Jaggd, so now both options gives 3 AP.
4. Oilville. A mission leading to Peyton Cleary is given by a NPC in the nine starting towns. They will talk about TETRAX and give you the mission “Protecting LifeNet” leading to Peyton Cleary in Oilville (the NPC in Terance gives a mission with an different name). However, it is not required to begin the main mission chain.
5. Oilville. Trivia: After the completion of the mission One asks you to see her in Trailer Park, but I was not able to find her there.
6. Terance. Presently only the option to kill Jacob will make it possible to complete the mission “Makings of a Beast”. If you smashed the machines, and it isn’t possible to hand in the mission, abort it and retake it with the option to kill Jacob.
7. Watchtower. The mission chain “Guns of Heaven” leading to the location of the Missile Silos.
Speaker of the Net: Guns of Heaven (level 4 required) > Geoffrey Baylor (Embry) >
(“Speaker of the Net” can be found in Boneclaw, Clinton FARM, Depot 66, Midway, South Burb, Zanesville.)
Geoffrey Baylor (Embry): The Truth about CoGs > Fredrick Romijn (Oilville): Kingman Bound >
Jay Lovell (Old Kingman): Lost and Found > Jay Lovell: Incident at Pass Chris >
Serena Nova (Pass Chris): Armor Training, Sir! > Rafe Blazkowicz (Coppermine) >
Guard Black (Pinkston): The Watchtower Code > Hilda Marcos (Watchtower) > Enoch (Missile Silos) >
end of mission chain.
Those missions are not required for being able to take the mission “NORSEC: Voice From The Darkness”.
8. During the dialogs NORSEC sometime gives information about its location in the world outside the silos asking you to find it: “Bottom of a mine far away from here”, and some information I missed with two characters in the boss room because the dialog closed when I had to deal with respawning boss minions.

Mission chain “Who are you clone?” – points to retake the mission in case you lost it:
If the mission for some reason has disappeared from the journal (aborted by you, or whatever) you can retake it, and mission items will be added to your inventory in case they are missing.
(AP received here is already noted in the towns list above.)
1. Starting LifeNet Facility: You’re dying (level 5+) > LifeNet technician Graham (Embry LifeNet pod).
2. Graham (Embry LifeNet pod): All in the Family > Graham (Embry LifeNet pod): You’re dying (level 7+).
Note: The DNA samples has to be taken from living creatures.
3. Computer console (LifeNet pod in Rest Stop): You’re dying > Graham 442, Rottermind (1 AP) >
Computer console, You’re dying (1 AP) >
Graham 442, You’re still dying > Life Net console (Life Net Facility in Trumbull).
4. Minimum character level 10: Life Net Systems console (Life Net Facility in Trumbull): You’re still dying >
Graham 846 (Life Net Facility in Trumbull): Hardware scramble > Main Power console (New Toro Facility) > Life Net Systems (Life Net Facility in Trumbull), You’re still dying (1 AP & Genetic Superiority Serum) >
Graham 846, Alive and Well > he asks you to speak with Graham near Barret Manor in the North Fields (Sector 2).

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PostSubject: Re: AP misson list S1 game version 1.1.3   Tue Feb 02, 2010 5:18 pm

Needle Eye - Shalista Clark- A Bad Situation = 1 AP
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AP misson list S1 game version 1.1.3
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