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 A list of / commands

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A list of / commands Empty
PostSubject: A list of / commands   A list of / commands Icon_minitimeThu Feb 18, 2010 11:05 am

/afk Change status to 'away from keyboard'
/auction Changes the current channel

/bug Opens the bug submission page.
/chat Opens a new chat window
/chatclear Clears the chat display
/chatsave Saves the chat to a file
/clan Changes the current channel
/exit Return to the character selection screen
/exit! Return to the character selection screen
/exit!! Exit Fallen Earth
/fontsize Changes the font size, where size is between 8 and 36 inclusive

/friend add Add to your friend list.
/friend list Display your friend list
/help Changes the current channel
/help [topic]] Displays lists of available commands. If topic is unspecified, shows a list of topics.
/ignore add Add to your ignore list.
/ignore del Delete from your ignore list
/ignore list Display your ignore list
/ignore clear Clear your ignore list

/key Brings up a screen to put in an item code for reward items
/lft Change status to 'looking for team'
/loc Display the current location coordinates
/local Changes the current channel
/lounge Change to the lounge stance

/region Changes the current channel

/share Share missions with your teammates
/sit Change to the sit stance
/sitchair Change to the 'sit in a chair' stance
/sleep Change to the sleep stance
/squat Change to the squat stance
/stand Change to the standing stance
/support Opens the knowledge base

/team Changes the current channel
/tell , Sends a private message.
/time Displays the current game time
/timesync Syncs client and server time. Can help with lag issues.
/tinvite Invites the specified player to your team
/version Displays the client and server version
/waypoint Save the position as current user waypoint
/whisper , Sends a private message.
/who Displays a list of active players in your immediate area

A list of / commands Fe3
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A list of / commands
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