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 Starting Towns

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Killer Clicker
Killer Clicker

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PostSubject: Starting Towns   Sun Aug 30, 2009 10:55 am

Welcome to the Canyon
Hi, I'm Clicker and I'll be your 'tour guide'. I'm just here to get you settled. There are nine starting towns to choose from.

Choosing a starting town should be based upon what you most enjoy doing; combat, crafting or support. Each town has their 'specialties' so some things may be easier to find in a town that specializes. For example, a crafter will find more recipes in the crafting town of South Burb than the combat orientated town of Zanesville.

It doesn't mean there aren't any recipes in Zanesville, just that it's more combat focused. It's easy to switch to a different starting town by walking or by horse so don't feel like you are 'stuck' with the starting town you chose. Don't like it? Just move on.

You are gonna learn a lot that's for sure. Every clone does a bit of everything. Like to shoot'em up? Better learn some crafting to make your ammo.

Many clones visit multiple starting towns to collect knowledges and recipes. The adventurous will visit them all. How many or how few is up to you as you aren't ever locked in to a choice here. You can even immediately leave for more dangerous parts of the Canyon if you are brave enough (or foolish enough).

Don't worry about Factions. Those guys are too busy with their shenanigans always causin' a ruckus around these parts but they do have recruiters in Sector 2. If you really want to join up, you'll have to do it there.

I've got access to limited information about these towns, but this is what I have.

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Starting Towns
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