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 How To make A horse

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PostSubject: How To make A horse   Sun Aug 30, 2009 10:25 am

The world is pretty damn big and your feet sure do get tired. It's time to get a horse and this guide will make it pretty damn easy.

There are two ways to acquire a horse. The first is simply to buy it and the second is to craft it. I'd prefer to craft it, but some of you might just want to be on your way so let's get you out of here first.

Please note that horses/vehicles, once called, cannot be traded, put back in your pack or used to craft a higher level horse or vehicle.

Buying Your Horse

1) Simply scavenge and sell your loot or take missions. All you need is cash. You'll need 608 chips to buy a HORSE BRIDLE. Do not buy the untrained horse (it's a crafting component to 'make' a horse). Horse merchants are usually located near the gas stations in most starting towns.

2) You will also want to buy at least one Sack of Horsefeed for 30 chips. The horsefeed recharges your horses stamina to full. There is a slow increase in stamina if you just leave your horse out in a field or anywhere, but you really don't want to find yourself without feed for your horse. Walking back to town can take a while.

3) You likely will also want a few Basic Veterinary Kit to heal your horse health for 6 chips each. It provides one charge and heals your horse fully. Horses can't be killed but they are immobilized when they reach 1 hit point. You may also use skills such as Stanch Wounds to heal your horse.

4) If you die, you will need to either go get your horse where you left it or 'tow' it by using the Stable Manager at the gas station. Fees can run quite high for towing.' Fees are set at 1% of the base vehicle/horse cost per kilometer towed.

5) Once purchased, there will be a bridle in your inventory. Right click on it and select 'use'. This will spawn your horse next to you. Please note that horses/vehicles, once called, cannot be traded, put back in your pack or used to craft a higher level horse.

6) To mount the horse, right click on it or use the 'mount' hotkey. Saddle up and move 'em out!

Cost for:
1 Horse Bridle (608 chips)
1 Sacks of Horsefeed (30 chips)
1 Veterinary Kit (6 chips each)
644 CHIPS total (estimated cost-prices can vary)

Crafting Your Horse

1) 1) Crafting your mount is a bit cheaper and only takes 6 minutes. From the Horse merchant, you will need to buy the book Horse Training Instructions 1 for 12 chips and the Animal Training Tradeskill Kit for 60 chips. Purchase 1 UNTRAINED HORSE for 302 chips, 4 Sacks of horsefeed (3 are for crafting the horse) at 30 chips each and 1 Veterinary Kit for 6 chips. (You may want a few of the Vet kits)

2) Use the book to learn Animal Training and then locate five Ragged Leather as the final components to craft the horse. These may be purchased from a local vendor (armor sells them as well as others) at 23 credits each or collected by skinning various critters.

3) Once you have all the components you are ready to 'craft' the horse. Open your Recipe List by pressing 'L'. Select the Nature tab which looks like a leaf. Select the Horse Bridle under Horse Training 1. At this point all the numbers and boxes at the bottom of the crafting window should be green. If any are red, you are missing a component. Locate or buy any missing components to continue.

4) Now that everything is green, press the create button. The total time to craft will be six minutes. You can reduce this time by going to a Nature crafting facility for a time reduction of 90 seconds. This really isn't alot at this stage of the game but later, crafting times escalate to hours or weeks depending on complexity.

5) After pressing the create button, a new window, your crafting queue, will appear. You may move this out of the way and minimize the window if you prefer. After the crafting process is done, double click on the finished item on the Crafting queue window which will let the Horse Bridle appear in your inventory.

6) Hold up wait a minute! You have a choice here. You can either summon your horse right away or you can use the bridle you just crafted to craft another better horse. If you want to call right away, skip to #8. Please note that horses/vehicles, once called, cannot be traded, put back in your pack or used to craft a higher level horse.

7) With your horse bridle, you can now craft a RIDING HORSE BRIDLE. It only takes the basic horse bridle you just made and 1 more sack of horsefeed. The big difference between the two horses is stamina. A basic horse only has 15k stamina and a Riding Horse has 25k stamina. What this means is you can ride a lot longer without feeding your horse. (unconfirmed as I can't check just now is the storage... a basic horse has 8 slots and a riding horse has 12 slots) Select the riding horse bridle from the crafting window and craft it. It will take 24 minutes. (if you followed these instructions, you will have now have used up the 'extra' sack of horsefeed. Be sure to buy some more.

7b) To actually use the riding horse, you must have a nature level of 15. Since you start at level 11 in this skill, you need to harvest 3 plants to attain 15 skill. Most of you will already have done this by the time you even think about getting your first horse.

Cool Use the horse bridle and a horse will spawn next to you. To mount the horse, right click on it. Saddle up and move 'em out!

Cost for:
Horse Training Instruction 1 (12 chips)
Animal Training Tradeskill Kit (60 chips)
1 Untrained Horse (302 chips)
4 Sacks of Horsefeed (120 chips)
1 Veterinary Kit (6 chips each)
5 Ragged Leather (105 chips)
605 CHIPS total if everything is purchased (the Ragged Leather can be skinned from critters)


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How To make A horse
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