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 Lagwar-Lifenet Podcast

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PostSubject: Lagwar-Lifenet Podcast   Lagwar-Lifenet Podcast Icon_minitimeMon Sep 28, 2009 11:14 pm

Lagwar has now started a Fallen Earth Podcast which is available in ITunes and also directly from there Lagwar/Fallen Earth Podcast Site. For those of you who might not know our Friend Ziss (Allister Bane in Fallen Earth). who was kind enough to give us our own Venrillo Room in the Server we use is the man Behind it all. It is a very Informative Show in which i had the pleasure of being able to get involved with it myself.

Check it out and listen in on Lagwars Newest Weekly Podcast

Lagwar's Lifenet Podcast

If there is anything you would like to hear them go over or any questions you might want to ask please feel free to email any questions to show@lagwar.com
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Lagwar-Lifenet Podcast
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