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 AP Quests Sector 3 V2.0

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PostSubject: AP Quests Sector 3 V2.0   AP Quests Sector 3 V2.0 Icon_minitimeFri Sep 18, 2009 6:41 pm

Sector 3

Banker's Hole (Traveler):

•Martin Peralta, The Man with the Boots -> Chiyo, The Man with the Boots -> Baron Silas Marock, The Man with the Boots = 1 AP
•-> Baron Silas Marock, Who Do You Trust -> Chiyo, Who Do You Trust -> Martin Peralta, Who Do You Trust = 1 AP
•-> Martin Peralta, Ceasing the Storm -> Titus Graves, Ceasing the Storm -> Baron Silas Marock, Ceasing the Storm -> Thunderbolts and Lightning = 2 AP
•Ramon Scalfi, Barred Winner -> Edward Boswell, Landing the Fish = 1 AP
•Cracked Mirror, Angels All Too Few -> Nick Bryer/Morrigan, Devil's Porchlight (Boss) = 1 AP (Boss fight, Lightbearer Walter Curlew)

Black Hill (Enforcer):

•Sergeant Marcus Yates, Executioner Extinguished = 1 AP
•Sparks Hamilton, Soundgate Malfunction = 1 AP
•Lieutenant Gary Domino, A Betting Man -> Betting it All = 1 AP
•Private Carvel, ? -> Major Thaddeus Mercer, No More Mercy = 1 AP
•Corporal Raven Skylark, Sad State of Affairs -> Lieutenant Carsom, Treason in the Ranks = 1 AP
•Acolyte Malik, The Lost Master -> Sage Holliston, The Power Extinguished = 1 AP (Lightbearer)



Brigg's Point:

•Willum Brigg, Destroy the Beast (Boss) -> Jennifer Parker, ? = 1 AP + Monstrous Beast Skull [+50 Health +4 Health Regeneration Storage Item] (Boss fight, Master El Cadejo)

Chemtown (Tech):

•?, ? -> Carlos the Brave, The Right Tool = 1 AP
•Angelina Pike, ? -> Douglas Flack, Sad Tidings = 1 AP
•Gavin Wratch, ? -> Gavin Wratch, Bearer of Good News = 1 AP
•Shae Davidson, From the Inside -> Higher Learning (Boss fight) = 1 AP (requires Angelina Pike and Gavin Wratch mission chains first)


•Ollie Gumshoe, Environmental Test Agent -> Ollie Gumshoe/Mountain Breeze/Ollie Gumshoe/Morgan Reed, Dying Earth -> Morgan Reed, Chimped -> Morgan Reed/Ollie Gumshoe/Diana Strawhorn, Chemical Dependancies -> Diana Strawhorn, Blackmail! = 1 AP or Ollie Gumshoe, Disaster Averted = 1 AP
•Ollie Gumshoe, The Great Dieseltown Mystery -> The Game's Afoot! -> Ted Rickles, Elementary, My Dear Clone -> If You Eliminate the Impossible -> Whatever Remains, However Impro -> ...Must Be The Truth, Ollie Gumshoe, The Dieseltown Mystery: Solved? -> No Shit, Sherlock
•Two Left Feet, Change of Diet -> Change of Pace -> Change of Plans = 1 AP
•Trader Joe, The Eye of Solomon -> The Box of The Eye -> The Key to The Box of The Eye -> Allesandra Dasher, The Cable is The Key to The Box -> Trader Joe, Powering Up The Box -> Opening the Box -> Solomon's Cut -> Trader Joe, Solomon's Cut = 1 AP
•Lifenet Console (Dieseltown), A Web of Lies and Copper -> Elena Winters (Papermill), A Web of Lies and Copper -> Ridge Collins (Trader's Flat), A Web of Lies and Copper -> Archimedes Smith (Black Ridge), A Web of Lies and Copper (TETRAX Must Die subquest) = 1 AP

Docuer's Court:

•Wilfred, Victim of Changes -> Loose Change -> Spare Change -> The More Things Change... -> Dominic, The More Things Change = 1 AP
•Montagh LaCroix, The Full Monty -> Winston, The Full Monty -> Montagh LaCroix, Decoding Docuer -> Beatrice, Affaire de Coeur = 1 AP

Fender Gate (Conflict):

•Penny Rayburn, Hottest Place in Hell = 2 x 2 AP (4 AP total) (Vista)
•Tanis, Pierce Through the Dust = 2 AP (CHOTA)

Gaia (Vista):

•Saul Eaden, Compost Critters -> Nora Hunting Moon, Compost Critters = 1 AP
•Ranger Isa Kyata, The Cancer Within -> Esteban Ramos, The Cancer Within -> Speaker Novia Soto, The Cancer Within -> Doctor Mindi Evans, (Blackridge), Infiltrating the System -> Ranger Tom MacCauley, Infiltrating the System -> Doctor Mindi Evans, Symptom of the Disease -> Speaker Novia Soto (Blackridge), The Cancer Within -> Thikket (CHOTA), Cutting out the Cancer -> Doctor Mindi Evans, The Cancer Within -> Speaker Novia Soto (Gaia), The Cancer Within = 2 AP + Green Star [+10 Charisma trinket] (Vista)
•Alyssa Keller, Wired! -> Power of the Sun -> Ranger Nate Anderson, Power of the Sun = 1 AP
•Ranger Nate Anderson, Dangerous Times = 1 AP -> Dangerous Times -> Swords to Plowshares 1 2 -> Mission Accomplished -> Ranger Moshe Kemp, Hold the Line = 1 AP
•Note: Dangerous Times requires the following missions first:
•- Ranger Isa Kyata, Where There's Smoke -> Ranger Nate Anderson, Where There's Smoke
•- Thalia Forst, Mysterious Stranger -> Ranger Nate Anderson, Bad for Business
•- Nora Hunting Moon, Shadows in the Wood -> Ranger Nate Anderson, Shadows in the Wood
•- Alyssa Keller, Wired! -> Ranger Nate Anderson, Power of the Sun

Haietta (Conflict):

•Gina Landry, Traitor? -> Gail Hudson, Stop the Assassination = 1 AP (only when town is under any faction control)
•Talia Hughes, Deep Into the Forest = 1 AP (1000 Lightbearer required, only when town is under Lightbearer control)
•Evan Wright, Exploit the Situation = 1 AP (Traveler required, only when town is under Traveler control)

Hive of the Changed (South of Warhall):

•Jeff Rhodes, Objective: Recon Sector 17 (Team) -> Ryan Keel, Lucky to Be Alive -> Birth of Fear -> Day of Revenge (Boss fight) = 1 AP (Team mission, level 70 boss Slaith)




•? -> Rob Deslock, The Village -> On Track -> Strange Fruit = 2 AP
•Brigit Jensen, Trouble at Home -> Ronnie Jensen, More Trouble than it's Worth -> Dimitri Ballard, Peaceful Resolution -> Bearer of Bad News -> Protecting the Protectors = 2 AP (VISTA)
•Wounded Enforcer, Poison = 4 AP (1500 Enforcer Required, needs 3 standard antitoxins)
•Pastor Eva Igatzi, Looking for Trouble = 2 AP
•Aaron Weinthrop, The Last Watch -> Touch Base = 1 AP (Touch Base requires Vista faction)

Park City (Conflict):

•Seth Quick, Nightmare in Park City -> Unfolding the Nightmare -> Pamela's Journal, Tall, Dark, and Psychotic -> The Storm is Over = 1 AP + 2000 Faction
•Dolores House, Last House on the Left -> Park City Horror Show -> Creature Feature = 1 AP (town needs to be under any faction's control)

Redstone Research Facility (East of Docuer's Court):

•Lauryn Alter, Into the Bunker -> Buried in Paperwork -> A Glimmer of Hope -> Pestilence and Plague -> Drawing First Blood -> Synthesized Sanity -> Into The Bunker = 1 AP
•Lauryn Alter, Back Into Danger (Boss fight) = 1 AP (Instance, not marked as team, but probably needs team because of the boss fight at the end)


•Neil Kwal, Appointed Rounds -> Bobby Warner -> = 1 AP
•Neil Kwal, Ride to Victory = 1 AP

St. Sebastian (Lightbearer):

•Sophia Grier, ? -> Brother Amir, A Time To Choose = 2 x 1 AP
•Mika Flint, Head Honchos = 1 AP
•Brother Jason Kai, One Flew Over = 1 AP
•Tanya Riviera, Echoes of the Past = 1 AP
•?, ? -> Speaker Novia Soto (Gaia), Necessary Intrusion = 1 AP


•Bank Officer Takenada, Missing in Action -> Monaghan, Missing in Action = 2 AP
•Gelda Lott, Something Wicked -> Sister Maris, Something Wicked -> Melvin Rattle, Drunken Tales -> A Key to Knowledge -> Gelda Lott, Get Dem Bones -> Bones, Get Dem Bones -> Gelda Lott, Get Dem Bones = 1 AP -> Gelda Bones, Down The Well
•Hannah Files, Into the Woods -> Nathan Files, Into the Woods -> Out of the Woods = 1 AP

Trader's Flat:

•Giordano Ricci, Fast Feud -> Luis Aguilar, Fast Feud -> Giordano Ricci, Shell Shock -> Traveler Vengeance is Swift = 1 AP
•Kipp Holstein, Self-Obsolescence -> Neil Kwal (Repository), Self-Obsolescence = 1 AP
•Specialist Johnson, Dawn of the Rotten -> George R. Omeros (Buxton), Dawn of the Rotten -> Schindler (Buxton), Once Bitten -> George R. Omeros (Buxton), Day of the Infected -> Zombie Apocalypse -> 28 Minutes Later -> Specialist Johnson, 28 Minutes Later = 1 AP
•Dana Fiske, Raider Troubles -> Jolene Holt, Overdue Books -> Lucas Ivanez, Overdue Books -> Emma Hayes (Repository), If the Shoe Fitzwarin -> Morty Hartly, If the Shoe Fitzwarin -> Let Slip the Dogs of Fitzwarin -> Jolene Holt, All Fair in Love and Fitzwarin -> Ronald Clark, Fitzwarin Council = 1 AP -> Ronald Clark, Fitzwain and Peace -> Jolene Holt, Fitzwarin and Peace -> Manny Hayes, Fitzwarin and Peace (repeats this step)
•Jeremy Bouler, Outside the Box -> Kipp Holstein, Outside the Box -> Jeremy Bouler, Outside the Box = 1 AP
•Archivist Lourdes Silva, It's Lourdes, not Linda! = 5 AP (Kaibab Omnibus)
•Archivist Olive Erickson, Hunting Paper Tigers = 1 AP (Kaibab Combat Collection)
•Archivist Olive Erickson, Search the Paper Trail = 1 AP (Kaibab Research Collection)
•Archivist Olive Erickson, In So Many Words = 1 AP (Kaibab Support Collection)


•Gizzard, Friends Like These -> Burn, Who's Wearing the Meat Pants -> This Is What You Do For Fun? = 1 AP
•Amawa, Honor the Fallen -> Abandoned Grave, Desecration and Destruction = 1 AP
•Tom Kagawa, Rumormongering -> Jarl, Jarl Want Proof -> Tom Kagawa, Should You Choose To Accept It -> A Fine and Private Place -> Tom Kagawa, Revelation Is at Hand = 1 AP -> Warchief Warhall, Jarl Gets Proof -> Jarl, Mission Accomplished, Tom Kagawa, Mission Accomplished? = 1 AP
•Blue-Skull, CHOTA Politics -> Merciless Politics (Boss fight) -> Brutal Politics (Boss fight) -> Uncontested Authority = 1 AP
•Blue-Skull, Vexed to Nightmare -> Dazha, Passionate Intensity -> The Blood-dimmed Tide -> The Widening Gyre -> Malias, Mere Anarchy is Loosed -> A Gaze Blank and Pitiless = 1 AP (Boss fight)

List by Xelloss99 (Skag). Thanks go to Fallout Hero (original AP list), Xix13 (miscellaneous S1/S2 clarifications), Toecutter (Picus Ridge, Chemtown, Black Hill, miscellaneous clarifications) and Alexa (St. Sebastian, Park City, Haietta additions and verification) for additional information.
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AP Quests Sector 3 V2.0
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