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 Guide Posts Info and need some help with them

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Guide Posts Info and need some help with them Empty
PostSubject: Guide Posts Info and need some help with them   Guide Posts Info and need some help with them Icon_minitimeMon Sep 14, 2009 10:33 pm

Clicker and i Have been Trying to Put together an extensive Guide Section of the Forums for everyone but now we're needing some help with certain areas of the Guides

Under the Way Point Post Guide that is a section where players can reply to that post and post important waypoints in the Sector 1, 2, and 3. Please Feel Free to Post any Waypoints you might have made that will be helpfull and there are instructions on the post on how to Copy and Paste and where to Find the waypoint to paste it and copy it in that Post. Here's just a couple of things we are looking for.

Super Nodes
Auction Houses
Vaults (Barter and VIP)
Small Towns (Not Marked on Maps)
Omnibus Book Spawns
Special Missions (ATV, AP's, Items, ect.)
PVP Towns

These are just a few of the things i can think of but Please Feel free to post it under the Post under Guides. And Please Label it so its a Notable Waypoint Example Auction House Odenville its Explainitory dont lable a waypoint A Cool Mission or Bad Ass Node. Thanks for the Help Everyone.
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Guide Posts Info and need some help with them
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