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 Waypoint Post

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PostSubject: Waypoint Post   Waypoint Post Icon_minitimeMon Sep 14, 2009 10:21 pm

This Post is for All Players to Create Way Points for Other Members to help us locate everything that might be helpfull in the game. After you Create the Way Point in game go to the following folder and find the waypoint and post it here.

Main Drive/FallenEarth/Settings/User

There will be your Character Names in the Folder open them up then Copy the Waypoint by highlighting and copy. it will look something like this.

WAYPOINT_0=Odenville Auction House,3962844,3082096,144171

After you Post Others can just copy and past it into there player Folders the same way.
Im not sure if you have to but i do change the # on the WayPoint to Help Keep everything Organized the # i mean is in Red

Please Lable it something Noticable and if there are Multiple Locations of the same thing Please # them like

Salvage Copper 1
Salvage Copper 2

And so forth

Also Please When Naming Way Points Please Put the Town Name First then what it is as the example below shows

Odenville Auction House
Kingman ATV Tires
Odenville ATV Control System
Terrence Mine Copper 1
Terrence Mine Copper 2

And So Forth

As I get Them I will start Making Guides on full Sectors and keep updating the Guides for everyone to copy and past the Waypoints as Bulk and not as Single Points.

Anything and everything will be apreacieated and between all of us maybe we can map out All sectors.

Thanks for the Help Everyone
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PostSubject: Harvest Nodes   Waypoint Post Icon_minitimeThu Sep 17, 2009 11:21 pm

I guess ill start the thread with some Harvest Nodes Make sure You Chance the #'s i Labled in Read to Coincide with the #'s you already have in your own waypoints

WAYPOINT_0=Curious Debris,4297574,3592156,141813
WAYPOINT_1=Scavenge Junked Metal,4317488,3481375,139855
WAYPOINT_2=Scavenge Corpse,4365857,3490072,139647
WAYPOINT_3=Harvest Fruit,4443440,3518393,139232
WAYPOINT_4=Harvest Water Cactus,4490175,3586294,137832
WAYPOINT_5=Harvest Junked Wood,4477358,3592743,137870
WAYPOINT_6=Harvest Vegetable,4461437,3531842,138905
WAYPOINT_7=Harvest Blood Cactus,4474305,3547301,139444
WAYPOINT_8=Harvest Cotton,4461963,3574405,138260
WAYPOINT_9=Harvest Water Cactus,4513642,3542056,137615
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PostSubject: Re: Waypoint Post   Waypoint Post Icon_minitimeMon Sep 21, 2009 9:41 pm

WAYPOINT_0=New Flagstaff,4485391,5512799,183405
WAYPOINT_1=60 scrap,4576217,5127117,183023
WAYPOINT_2=mineral samples 45,4464401,4675367,184251
WAYPOINT_3=post 23,4523798,5288667,182980
WAYPOINT_4=scrap 1 to 15,4271793,3277194,146100
WAYPOINT_5=Cave with mine nodes,4312816,3858175,145898
WAYPOINT_6=scrap silver 50,4485659,3899418,179340
WAYPOINT_7=Scrap 30,4519435,3762502,147204
WAYPOINT_9=15 to 30 scrap,4255555,3487920,139942
WAYPOINT_10=chem nodes,3977194,3029964,133681
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Spike Firebrand

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PostSubject: Re: Waypoint Post   Waypoint Post Icon_minitimeTue Sep 22, 2009 12:59 pm

WAYPOINT_0=books 7,4470929,3945083,180905
WAYPOINT_1=plastic spawn,4485059,3726579,148194
WAYPOINT_2=car spawn 2,4559571,3772937,142000
WAYPOINT_3=car spawn1,4533928,3797107,146283
WAYPOINT_4=BOOKS 6,4583810,3750906,139231
WAYPOINT_5=books 5,4582567,3743190,138873
WAYPOINT_6=books 4,4562534,3802617,147723
WAYPOINT_9=books 1,4147636,3723900,139204
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Killer Clicker
Killer Clicker

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PostSubject: Questionable water, tattered Bandages, Frayed Cotton, tainted water, Tagged Cotton   Waypoint Post Icon_minitimeTue Oct 06, 2009 11:25 am

It's all at Camp Purity outside of New flagstaff just kill the The Human League Recruiters @ 4526682, 5455592

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PostSubject: Re: Waypoint Post   Waypoint Post Icon_minitime

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Waypoint Post
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