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 Mutations Intro

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PostSubject: Mutations Intro   Mutations Intro Icon_minitimeSat Sep 12, 2009 3:21 pm

Ok, Some people were a little "Iffy" over what Mutations did and what everything ment. This info will hopefully help you to understand some things about mutations. Now before I begin I want to point out the difference between the two things that people class as "Mutations". These will be classed as Part A and Part B.

Be warned...This may take a while to read.

Part A:
When you open the "V" window there is a Mutations tab,this is for the mutation paths which are gained through missions. They are raised by APs and act as requirements for the mutation skills. Mutation paths are Alpha mutation, Empathic, Ehancement, Nano-Manipulation, Patho-Transmission, Primal, Sonic Manipulation, Suppression, Telekinesis, Telepathy and Thermal Manipulation.
I'll say what each of these do,where they are found and their bases later.

Now these mutations are not ment to replace Melee or Range but rather work hand in hand with them. You will not be at a huge disadvantage if you don't have a specific mutation of ability.

A word from the wise, It is best to focus on one or maybe two mutation paths as AP can be restrictive at lower levels especially if you are trying to be good at everything. Pick one or two and stick to them if they help/appeal to your build/play style.

Part B:
In the Tradeskills tab there is a Tradeskill called Mutagenics, this is raised by use (NOT by spending AP's). This tradeskill makes the Injectors for abilities gained from the Mutation Paths. It also makes Gamma (Green Bar- called Bio Energy) restorers/convertors/maximisers/drainers which all have various effects which will be addressed later in following posts.

All items made with the Tradeskill are called Injectors as they inject a specific buff or ability into your character.

NOTE: This Guide was targeted at Sector 2 and all information is based off Sector 2 and what the Alpha vendors/Trainers had to offer. I will write changes that happened becuase of S1 in Orange.

Part A
1. What Do Each Of The Mutation Paths Do?
2. What stats are they based on?
3.What towns give the missions to access them?
4. How are the abilities/mutations equiped and used?
5. I meet the req. for a mutation but I cannot use it, What is wrong?

1 and 2. Here is a list of the Mutations and what they do as well as there bases.
Alpha Mutation: Fairly low-power mutations possessed by all characters as part of the cloning process. They provide some basic buffs, recovery abilities, and speed modifiers. Alpha Mutation is based on 2x Willpower. This cannot be raised by AP's.

Empathic: The character can alter the bodies of others, allowing a limited ability to heal or harm others. Empathic is primarily a healing and buffing mutation. Empathic is based on .75 Endurance and .25 Willpower.

Enhancement: The character can nudge the molecular structure and properties of some common items, exaggerating the already present chemical properties of an item. Enhancement is primarily a crowd-control and damage mutation. Enhancement is based on .75 Intelligence and .25 Willpower.

Nano-Manipulation: The character can control some of the nanites left on their bodies from the regeneration process, allowing them to increase their own abilities. Nano-Manipulation is primarily a self-buff mutation with a few attack abilities. Nano-Manipulation is based on .75 Intelligence and .25 Willpower.

Patho-Transmission: The character is a walking plague carrier, and can use these infections to attack others. Patho-Transmission is primarily a debuff and damage-over-time mutation. Patho-Transmission is based on .75 Endurance and .25 Willpower.

Primal: The character has developed genetic traits he can use to increase his strength, speed, etc. Primal is primarily a self-buff mutation path. Primal is based on .75 Strength and .25 Willpower.

Sonic Manipulation: The character can control sound waves, reducing or increasing sound. Sonic Manipulation has many facets including buffs, crowd control, and damage abilities, but is not as focused as other mutation paths. Sonic Manipulation is based on .75 Perception and .25 Willpower.

Suppression: Suppression allows a character to drain gamma energy from other mutations, remove mutation buffs, and increase his own resistance to mutations. Suppression is based on .75 Perception and .25 Willpower.

Telekinesis: The character can move objects with his mind. Telekinesis is primarily a damage and crowd-control mutation. Telekinesis is based on .75 Intelligence and .25 Willpower.

Telepathy: The character can affect the minds of others, such as distracting opponents or making himself seem more likable. Telepathy is primarily a crowd-control and self-buffing mutation. Telepathy is based on .75 Charisma and .25 Willpower.

Thermal Manipulation: The player can control the movement of molecules, increasing or decreasing heat in an area. Thermal Manipulation is primarily a damage, damage-over-time, and self-buff mutation. Thermal Manipulation is based on .75 Perception and .25 Willpower.

3.Ok now I'll post where I found the mutation paths. And yes other Faction towns may give the missions aswell. From Toecutter, thanks!

Empathic ~ Lightbearers/Haven/Wei Zhu
Enhancement ~ CHOTA/Fracture/Fung ~ Tech/Picus Ridge/Jericho Dyer
Nano ~ Tech/Picus Ridge/Dr. Ellen Bonner
Patho ~ CHOTA/Fracture/Teeka
Primal ~ CHOTA/Fracture/Softclaw ~ Vista/Thorne's Bluff/Constance Silmore
Sonic ~ Travellers/Credit Bend/Arial Screed ~ Vista/Thorne's Bluff/Constance Silmore *
Suppression ~ Enforcer/Post 23/Tripline
Telekinesis ~ Lightbearers/Haven/Wei Zhu
Telepathy ~ Lightbearers/Haven/Wei Zhu ~ Travellers/Credit Bend/Adrian Lazar
Thermal ~ CHOTA/Fracture/Claw of Redhand ~ Tech/Picus Ridge/Parker Tayback
* Sonic unlock mission follows on after Primal unlock in Thorne's Bluff

The abilties that you learn such as Scald 1 for Thermal or Walking Plague for Patho-Transmission are also called Mutations. These can be found, once learned, by pressing "N" then clicking on the Mutations tab there.

These Mutations use the Green Bar or Bio Energy in the same way that other Abilities use the Blue, Stamina bar.

4. We'll use Scald 1 mutation from the Thermal Manipulation path as our example.
Drag Scald 1 from the Mutations tab in "N" onto the action bar at the bottom of the screen. Now make sure you have a 1-Handed Melee weapon equiped in the right hand slot and make sure the left hand slot is free as this is the hand that mutations are equiped in. Now left click on the icon for Scald 1 (looks like a flame), you should hear a audio confirmation and visual confirmation that your mutation as work. Audio= Sound of a fire burning, Visual=Left hand on fire. Now to use the mutation on a foe,get within the range which should be about 5m or so and right click with your mouse (make sure the foe is targeted in the aiming rectile...Press TAB or Scroll Wheel Button on muse to bring it up). You will have to wait 3s or so untill the mutation comes off cooldown before you can use it again.

5. We will use julu's problem as an example

am i right assuming that i have to use the injectors to learn a mutation ? because i got

patch 3 (req. 30 alpha)
patch 4 (req. 45 alpha)
quicken 3 (req. 30 alpha)
recharge 3 (req. 30 alpha)

and the mutations-tab shows 87 alpha-skill at the moment, but i can't use a single one of those (saying that i either have the knowledge or my skill is too low); is that a bug ? am i missing something ?

Just like abilities you need to have learnt all previous versions of that mutation before learning the latest version. So Julu would need to learn Patch 1/2 before learning Patch 3/4. He would also have to learn Quicken 1 and 2 before learning Quicken 3...and Recharge 1/2 before Recharge 3.

Part B
1. What can I make with the Mutagenics Tradeskill?
2.Where do I get the Mutagenics Tradeskills kit from?
3. I have the Tradeskill kit, How do I start leveling Mutagenics?
4. Where do I get Scrap Gamma Injectors and other materials for making items?
5. Where would I have a better chance at finding a premade Injector or a book on how to make them?

NOTE: With Sector 1 now open again, Many of the lower Mutagenics books may be found in Sector 1 towns.

You will be able to make the items which give you special abilities for your 1 or more chosen Mutation path. Aswell as all kinds of Convertors which transform Bio Energy (Green Bar) into Health (Red Bar) and vice versa, Restores which replenish Bio Energy but drains Health temporarily, Drainers which can be used to drain opponents Bio Energy and Maximizers which increase you Bio Energy and Stamina Reserves.

You can now find these books in many Sector 1 towns,not limited to but include;Spiders Hill, Midway, South Burb, Oilville
To get the Mutagenics Tradeskills kit you need to take a trip to Fracture, the CHOTA town of Sector 2. The merchant for this book is found in the wooden house along with alot of ther merchants. Buy this book and a book called "Gamma Manipultaion 1" from inside the building.
Then make a Mutagenics Tradeskills kit once you have learnt the book.

Note: If you have seen a Mutation path which is to your liking and is found in Fracture, it is also good to check out some of the Mutation vendors for books that start with the name of the path followed by a letter such as Primal 1,Patho-Transmission 1 and so on. This will save you a trip later on.
Also you may see injectors for sale such as Monkey Paw 1, Bear Hug 1 and so on. These are the skills that can be used if you meet the Mutation Path requirements. They are some of the things which are possible to make with the Mutagenics Tradeskill.

Alternately: If you dont want to make all those kits, learn Gamma Manipultaion 1 after meeting the required level and start making the items described in Section 1 of this post.

After you make your first Mutagenics Tradeskills kit make 24 more, as this is the max level you can gain off these and the materials are relitivley easy to find/buy. Then learn the book Gamma Manipulation 1 which you bought earlier. As with all tradeskills when leveling them make the closest thing to your level which in this case will be between 20-25 ( From making the kits). Remembering to change every 20-25 levels or when they stop giving skill ups/you want higher experiance. You will usually make 5 items except when making items from Mutation Path books, then you'll only make 1 each time.

You may be wondering where you may find some of the materials needed for making the numerous items in the Mutagenics Tradeskill.

Most Scrap Chemicals: These can be found on pretty much all components/tradeskills merchants...except Fracture which doesn't sell any of the components used in the Mutagenics Tradeskill.

Scrap Gamma Injectors:
These are also found at Embry's General Merchant, Chet Laws. In Sector 3 there is also a "Refine Injectors" book which lets you make the injectors.Found in New Gallows in Sector 2 when the merchants are upgraded to Teir 2 (Merchants in Conflict Towns can only be upgraded). Or alternately take a trip to the Sector 1 town of Embry Crossroads and buy them from there. They cost 88 chips each.

Impure Biologic Chemical:
With Sector 3, You are able to buy this on most vendors.
(This method only works if you have the Enhance Armor 1 book Knowledge which is sold in the same Facility)
This may be required in some higher level Mutagenics crafting, same thing as the Scrap Gamma...Upgrade New Gallows' Merchants to Teir 2 and go to the science vendor on the first floor of the science facility. Buy the Projectile Avoidence Vests for sale and salvage them. There is a small chance that you will get a Impure Biologic Chemical when you do. These aren't cheap when buying in mass amounts. Costs 908 chips each, or around that price.

Tainted Genetic Material
Also able to be bought in Sector 3 now.
Same method as the previous 2 but this time you'll need to upgrade the merchants at a place called "The Dump". They sell it for 381 chips each.

5. Each faction is better at some things than other factions as we already know. This dictates what and how early different knowledges become available to certain factions and this applies to Mutagenics. Each faction should/will sell a variety of different ready made Injectors and sometimes even books to teach you how to make new Injectors. Here is a list of what the different factions are 'Big on' mutation wise...

Enforcers: Suppression,Nano Manipulation
Techs: Thermal Manipulation, Enhancement, The Mutagenics tradeskill, Sonic-Manipulation, Suppression, Telekinesis, Telepathy and Nano Manipulation.
Traveler: Sonic Manipulation, Telepathy, Enhancement and Nano-Manipulation.
CHOTA:Mutagenics Tradeskill, Patho-Transmission, Primal, Thermal Manipulation, Empathic and Suppression.
Vista:Primal and Sonic Manipulation.
Lightbearers: Empathic, Mutagenics Tradeskill, Telekenesis, Telepathy, Sonic Manipulation, Suppression and Thermal Manipulation.

Colour code;
Green is for Factions.
Yellow is for what the said faction excels at.
White is for what the said faction is average at.
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Mutations Intro
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