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PostSubject: Attributes   Sun Sep 06, 2009 5:38 pm

Advancement Points

Advancement points (AP) are used to advance character skills, mutation skills, and attributes. Characters earn 2 AP for every 1/10th of a level they achieve (as well as through other means) and these AP may be spent in any manner the player wishes. Each skill and mutation skill has two attributes that limit how high that particular skill can be raised and the attributes must be raised for the skill to reach the maximum available at that level. One AP will raise a skill by 1 point, 5 AP will raise an attribute by 1 point. Most characters can have 4-5 attributes and 4-5 skills or mutations at the maximum level.


These are the basic abilities of a character. They all begin at level 11 and increase 1 point per level, in addition to points gained through APs. APs can raise attributes up to 50% higher than its base value for a given level. The attributes used in Fallen Earth are the following:

Strength - Affects Melee Skill, as well as Health and Body Save. Determines weight allowance (how much gear can be carried by a character). Also is the primary attribute in the Primal Mutation Path.

Endurance - Affects health and resistance to damage (Hit Points, Stamina, & Body Save), Athletics and Armor Use Skills. Also affects Empathic, and Patho-Transmission Mutations Paths.

Coordination - Ability to control body's movements and affects Dodge, Athletics, and Melee skills. This is also 50% of your Armor Use Skill.

Dexterity - Control over hand movements and affects Rifle and Pistol Skills.

Intelligence - Affects learning and problem solving abilities and establishes limits on all trade skills, along with Perception. Affects Bio-energy (Gamma), Mind Save, and Nano-Manipulation & Telekinesis Mutation Paths.

Willpower - Force of Will. This is the secondary attribute in all Faction Mutation Paths and is the only attribute for the Alpha Mutation Path (which is equal to 2x the PC's Willpower). Also affects Stamina, Bio-energy, and Mind Save.

Perception - Acuity of senses. It affects many skills in the game (Rifle, Pistol, Dodge, Group Tactics, First Aid). Establishes limits on Tradeskills and is the secondary attribute in Sonic Influence, Suppression, and Thermal Control Mutation Paths.

Charisma - Interpersonal skill which affects faction relations, prices when buying and selling from/to NPCs, Affects the Group Tactics and Social Skills and some mutation skills. It also affects the missions NPCs offer you (there is a number of missions which are only available to players with a high Charisma).

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