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 AP Lv Planner Download

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PostSubject: AP Lv Planner Download   Mon Aug 31, 2009 6:29 pm

The attached zip file contains a stand alone Fallen Earth Character Planner. Simply click on the attachment to save it and extract the excel (.xls) file. You will require Microsoft excel or another available spreadsheet program to view and use the character builder. Free options are available at Open Office and Excel Viewer


* Build a character at any level from 2 to 45 (current maximum level)
* Add bonus mission AP to plan for your eventual AP total (see AP mission guides in the Missions section of the forum)
* Exceeding the maximum for total AP, stat, skill or mutations highlights cells red to easily spot build errors
* Faction section shows all skills, tradeskills and mutations trained by each faction. Selecting a faction will narrow the field down to show only skills, tradeskills and mutations available from the specific faction and its factional allies
* Any stat set to its available maximum will cause stat name to be highlighted next to the Mutations to highlight which mutations are best suited to specific builds

Build Planner Version 1.05

Globaltech Atlas is unable to provide support for this tool and it is provided as is with no warranty. Please post in the CB forums for assistance.

**Info Posted From GlobalAtlas**
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AP Lv Planner Download
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