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 Mumford-Starter Town

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PostSubject: Mumford-Starter Town   Mon Aug 31, 2009 4:34 pm

The mine is located on the Southeast side of town. There is a Garbage Truck outside.

Mumford was never really a town I wanted to go to, ya know? Seems that there was shit all nothing down that way, just some scorched earth and a few ruined houses. That is, until the Judges moved in. Seems they found what was left of a shattered church, and claimed it as their own. People that went down there either got murdered by those fanatical bible thumpers, or died from the radiation coming from that GIANT CRASHED SATELLITE just outside town. Yeah, you heard me right, a giant satellite what came crashing down from space some time ago. Well, as you can guess, every Tech from the Hoover Dam to Picus Ridge came a'swarmin down to take a look at it. After a few of 'em melted, they left, got hazmat suits, and came back.

Now where the Techs go, the Vista are soon to follow. Everything the Techs try to scavenge, the Vista try to slap out of their hands and bury in a lead vault to "Save the Planet." The two sides are playing as nice as they can, but strangely enough members of both the salvage crew and the cleanup crew keep dying mysteriously....

That's not to say the other factions ain't in the mix either. The Lightbearers and the Travelers have been scooping up all the weird mutant plants that have been growing up in the area. Now, I'm no genius, but I'll bet a coyote turd to a yellow chip that they're trying out some "Pharmaceutical applications," whether for recreation or for healin....

Lastly, the Enforcer sheriff of the town has been having problems with the local Blade Dancers, (Yeah, have you noticed they're everywhere?) and the CHOTA of the area seem hell bent on punishing the Dancers, too. So, while the Enforcers and CHOTA fight over who will beat the crap out of the raiders, the raiders are beating the crap out of everyone else.

So, in the midst of all this crap, why go to Mumford? Three words... FLAKY BILL'S PIES. That's right... there's a local piemaker by the name of Flaky Bill. (They ain't talking about his crust.. the man's a loony.) Bill's pies are worth all that other crap. Stop in and say hello to him... and tell him ol' Jed said hi. If you're feeling saucy, try a "Flaky Bill's Revenge." Even I can't finish one without my mouth bursting into flames!

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Mumford-Starter Town
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