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 South Burb-Starter Town

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PostSubject: South Burb-Starter Town   Mon Aug 31, 2009 4:29 pm

On the southern end of the old suburbs, lies a nice little farming community called "South Burb" or "Boringville" by anyone who isn't a Vista. Ain't much happening here, which is good for all of us, because this is where most of the food in the Plateau is made. They've got their regular problems, of course.... raiders (Blade Dancers, of course), Poachers, sneakthieves and such... but no giant mutant lizards and faction fighting like Mumford.

Now, this is not to say a body can't find something to do here. South Burb is a GREAT place to start if you like making stuff. Yup, this little town is a crafter's dream. Lots of facilities, resources, and books to spare. The Vistas aren't too shy about teaching the basics to visitors, either... given a helping hand around the farm, of course!

South Burb is the breadbasket of the Plateau, and I'm sure that makes some folks out there look on it with a jealous eye.... maybe that's what attracted the Fincher family. Unfortunately for the Vistas, there is an old quarry on the north end of town. While it laid unused for decades, the Finchers have started it up again. The Finchers are less into saving the planet, and more into science and geology... (and Maryanne is into genetic research.... *shudder*) Though of course, since they've got that quarry, if you want to learn about mining and science, you could do pretty good here. Just don't expect the local Vistas to like it...

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South Burb-Starter Town
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