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 North Burb-Starter Town

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PostSubject: North Burb-Starter Town   Mon Aug 31, 2009 4:25 pm

Ah, North Burb... or "Little Asia on the Plateau" as I like to call it. This is the Plateau holdout of those Bruce Lee Kung Fu Healer types, the Lightbearers. At first, you might think that a town run by Lightbearers would be all huggy love and happiness. But it ain't.

There's the problem with the spider mound outside of town. A few weeks ago, the ground popped open and giant spiders started pouring out, eating livestock, mutants, and good townsfolk alike. It's too big a problem for the Lightbearers to handle alone, surely some good clone could give em a hand, right?

There's the problem with the townsfolk. See, not everyone is all happy happy that the Lightbearers are around. I've heard a few people grumbling that they can't do much of anything with the 'Bearers watching them. Let's just say, unsavory folks are everywhere, and usually willing to pay to get stuff done.

Then there's the Lightbearers themselves. Not all of them are luvvy dubby healers. There's a might few ass kickers there too, and they are wanting to clear out the raiders and rabble so they can enjoy their sage tea. (A local specialty, what with all the sage in the area. Yummy!)

But more than anything, there's the problem with the plague. Some sort of sickness has swept over the town, and the Lightbearers are running their butts off trying to keep a panic from ensuing. For now, they've separated the sick from the healthy. The refugee camp is a sad, sorry place, but medics could surely find something to do out there. What's causing the plague? I'm not sure, I didn't feel like staying in town long enough to find out. Spiders and viruses are where ol' Jed draws the line!

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North Burb-Starter Town
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