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 Flipping the Wheel

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PostSubject: Flipping the Wheel   Fri Jun 25, 2010 2:50 am

The Wheel Flip

You first want to decide what faction you want to END UP as, that will determine where you start. We will Use CHOTA as our example. To end up CHOTA you first go to Enforcers Post 23 in S2. There you will run all of the AP and Mutation unlocking missions only (see the Sector1 AP missions section on the wiki for AP and look at the Clan Hamthrax Wiki Map Page for the mutation trainers not listed with the AP guide). Once you have all of the AP/Mutation missions complete for Enforcers, you would then look at your side factions (in our example LB/Tech) to see where they stand, ideally they should be at around 4000-5000 positive faction each and be fairly evenly balanced. Once they are at that level (you may need to run a few more Enforcer missions to attain this) you then proceed to do the AP/Mutation missions ONLY in the side factions (in our example Picus Ridge and Haven) while keeping an eye on your faction. When you do one, the other will drop, DO NOT LET IT FALL BELOW 1000 POSITIVE FACTION. When it gets close to that, stop doing missions with one faction, and go to the other faction to run missions. Keep this up till you have all of the AP/Mutation missions run for both side factions.

Then you go run missions elsewhere, make levels (grind if you want) until you hit level 35. Once at level 35 you can do the faction missions for your main faction (in our example Enforcer) in Sector 3. Go to S3, run the S3 Enforcer AP Missions ONLY. once you finish there you will then do the side factions, keeping them balanced doing AP missions ONLY.

After you have all of the AP mission you need to grab all of the AP from the conflict towns that you are currently aligned to, so check all of them to see who holds them while you are on that side of the wheel. Also check Papermill as there are faction missions there for Vista and Enforcer too.

Once you have all the AP and mutations on that side of the wheel, its time to head back to S2 and grind off the negative faction to your final faction. Use the Hamthrax Faction camps map located on their wiki to find the appropriate faction camp to go kill at (in our example we want to go kill lots of enforcers to get positive CHOTA faction). Do this until you have at least 10k positive main faction. You can then go to you main factions S2 town and start the missions there, you will want to run ALL the missions so that it will pull your side factions up. Get the mutations and AP for certain though.

[edit] Flipping the wheel is NOT the same as Spinning the wheel!

Spinning the wheel was an older method that, due to the changes in the game, involves significantly more time grinding to gain faction back. You start at the faction to the left of where you want to end up, do the missions for that faction. Then, you go to the next left faction (or, you can go around in a right hand direction if you want, doesn't matter). Say you want to end up cool, and be a CHOTA. You would start with Vista missions, then LB, then Enforcer, Tech, Trav then end up doing the CHOTA missions. This used to be fairly easy to do, as you used to get a lot more faction a lot easier. Now, however, it is strongly recommended against this method, as you need to spend significant time grinding between being able to do each faction. Flip, don't spin.

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Flipping the Wheel
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