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 The Simple Guide to Improving Fallen Earth Graphics and Performance

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PostSubject: The Simple Guide to Improving Fallen Earth Graphics and Performance   Sun Feb 28, 2010 9:42 am

This Guide's purpose is to improve anyone's Fallen Earth graphics quality and performance to maintain a stable balance of framerate and MUCH better image quality. Though in some cases, it will focus more heavily on improving image quality at the slight expense of framerate.

This will be as basic as possible to avoid confusion for people who are not very tech-savvy. Fortunately, these modifications will greatly enhance the aesthetics of your Fallen Earth experience

Unfortunately, this game optimizes itself poorly when downscaling or optimizing graphics settings *in-game* --not a big deal, that is what your graphic card's control panel is for!

__________________________________________________ ______________
Section 1: Improving the Anti-aliasing / Anisotropic filtering (Image Quality)
__________________________________________________ ______________

1. Disable Anti-aliasing / Anisotropy from the Fallen Earth CFG and graphics options
2. Enabling the other graphical settings within the game is OK unless specific ones cause dramatic drops in FPS --like shadows for some.
2. Navigate to your Graphic Card's Control Panel
3. Navigate to "Manage 3D Settings"

**Now you should see a list of various features and their allowed settings. Only change what is mentioned within these guide --unless you know what you're doing. Below will be a semi-copy of the list's features and the proper settings (some tweaking may be done to fit your exact system spec's optimal settings.**

Anisotropic Filtering: 16x (decrease as neccessary)
Antialiasing Gamming Correction: ON
Antialiasing Mode: OVERRIDE any application setting
Antialiasing Setting: 16x (decrease as neccessary, do not select "#xQ" only 16x, 8x, 4x, etc)
Antialiasing Transparency: Multi-Sampling (SuperSampling increases overall graphics quality to a decent degree at the high expense of framerate --adjust if you need to)
Threaded Optimization: ON (will make use of multi-core CPUs)

4.) Select "apply" (Bottom right --so these settings are saved)

Make sure you restart your game for the changes to take effect (PC restart is recommended as well)

**The above settings will drastically improve your game's image quality and framerate simply thru the use of overriding the game's settings with your own graphic card's control panel. Below are some other tweaks which will also improve framerate and image quality.**
__________________________________________________ ______________
Section 2: Synchronizing Frame Rate and Monitor Refresh Rate
__________________________________________________ ______________

This section is will be open to some argument as some people with very high-end systems can handle. But for the majority, this will help. An explanation of what these changes are actually doing is mentioned below.

1.) Navigate back to your Graphic Card's Control Panel - Manage 3D Settings.
2.) Maximum Pre-Rendered Frames: 0 (If your FPS is extremely low, below 30 normally, increasing frames to 1 - 4 is recommended. Note: This actually decreases FPS- but improves the "smoothness" of panning and movement in-game.
3.) Vertical Sync: FORCE ON (Many applications by default will try to set Vsync off - this will prevent that)
4.) Triple Buffering: ON
5.) Select "Apply" (Bottom right --so these settings are saved)

6.) Navigate to "Display Options (Location depends on your operating system --most will find it within your Graphic Card's Control Panel under "Display - Change Resolution"
7.) Set your "Refresh rate" to 60Hz (For those who do not use an LCD monitor, you may set it higher, however most people don't get above 60fps regularly in-game anyway)

**The majority of people are using LCD Monitors which can only handle 60Hz Refresh Rate(except for a super small minority) or their game can only handle up to 60FPS regularly anyway. We want to "Sync" up our monitor's Refresh Rate, with our game's FPS, which will prevent the game from increasing FPS above 60, but also fixing "chopping" and improving in-game movement and panning smoothness.**
__________________________________________________ ______________
Section 3: Other Tweaks
__________________________________________________ ______________
If you've executed the previous sections already, your game's graphics quality should have vastly improved (smoother models, textures, etc) and your FrameRate should have either improved or stabilized in that you are experiencing less fluctuation from low FPS to high FPS (which causes the intermittent choppiness)

**The tweaks in this section will modify your game further. However, many of these settings should be determined on a case-by-case basis, so simply change each one at a time and check your game's performance/quality balance if neccessary.**

1.) Navigate back to your graphic card's Control Panel - Manage 3D Settings
2.) Ambient Occlusion: ON
3.) Conformant Texture Clamp: Use Hardware (For other games, you may want to use OpenGL spec)
4.) Texture Filtering - Anisotropic Sample Optimization: Off
5.) Texture Filtering - Negative LOD bias: Clamp (sort of motion blur - disable only if you absolutely hate motion blur)
6.) Texture Filtering Quality: High Quality OR Quality ( somtimes setting high-quality can cause a large drop in FPS when combined with other settings -- this should be a case-by-case judgement.
7.) Texture Filtering - Trilinear optimization: Off ( Set to OFF if your framerate drops drastically)
__________________________________________________ ______________

That's it -- Apply your settings -- restart your application anytime you want to make a change and check its effect. I also recommend you restart your computer as well when you are finished with all your tweaking.

***NOTE: Due to the variety of computers, specifications, and other variables out there --some modifications may cause the opposite effect -- always use discretion and make your changes ONE AT A TIME to properly test out modications.***

Making the changes i listed has increased Fallen Earth's graphics quality to a degree where I can honestly say the game is at a modern-day level of graphics for an MMO.

If anyone has any recommendations to enhance this guide or has a disagreement, please feel free to post -- Remember the purpose of this was to help the non-tech savvy players experience a better gaming experience, so do your best to key tech-jargon out if possible.

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The Simple Guide to Improving Fallen Earth Graphics and Performance
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