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 Fallen Earth Patch 1.3 - A Q&A with the Team

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Fallen Earth Patch 1.3 - A Q&A with the Team Empty
PostSubject: Fallen Earth Patch 1.3 - A Q&A with the Team   Fallen Earth Patch 1.3 - A Q&A with the Team Icon_minitimeMon Feb 08, 2010 12:13 pm

A look at what's to come with Fallen Earth Patch 1.3
Patch 1.3 of Fallen Earth will be hitting the game this week. This patch offers new stories and events to high level players but also revamps some of the content for beginning levels. Ten Ton Hammer caught up with the Fallen Earth team to talk more about the patch. We met with Marie Croall, Dev Team Lead, and Ian Lemke, Live Team Lead to find out what players can expect come patch time this Wednesday.


Ten Ton Hammer: Patch 1.3 is adding new encounters, creatures and extensions to the storylines in Sector One. This Sector is aimed to what level of players?

Marie Croall: Players start in Sector One. It’s designed for levels one through 15. We’re focusing on the starter town and the central town, so this revamp is for levels one through 10.

Ten Ton Hammer: Why the choice to add to that level range?

Marie: The most important parts of the game are the first few levels and the last few levels a player experiences. Those are what really stick with them. So we wanted to make sure that those first experiences were as exciting and memorable as possible.

Ten Ton Hammer: Sector Three is also seeing some work done to it. Can you tell us a little more about that?

Ian Lemke: We’re adding an area called Deadfall Point, which is in the far southwestern corner of Sector Three. It will increase the level cap by one, and there will be a storyline that will continue to expand the content and open up new areas for players to explore.

New creatures are coming to Fallen Earth

Ten Ton Hammer: How much more gameplay will these additions offer players?

Ian: Deadfall Point is more of an event than a full expansion so there are a lot of repeatable quests that can be done. We’ve added an additional level; there are some new items that will be available in that area that you can learn to craft.

Ten Ton Hammer: How do the new crafted items compare to the other items in the game?

Ian: We’re only going up one level here, so it’s really more of an encounter area. But we do have some new fun items that players can learn how to craft. Getting them will be a little tricky too. You’re not going to be able to buy recipes for a lot of these. You will have to run missions with rewards where you will get a chance of getting the recipes for these items.

We have some new melee weapons, pistols, rifles—the whole line. There are new food items, an ice grenade, which is the new exciting item.

Ten Ton Hammer: The level cap is being raised to 46, which is an untraditional level cap for MMOGs. Is this a hint that the level cap will continue to raise with future patches?

Ian: We are releasing additional expansions which will increase the cap significantly more than that. We wanted to put this new content and story in that will lead to opening up new areas, and we didn’t want players who are level 45 running the missions and not get anything for it. Later this year the level cap will be going up, so this is the beginning of that.

We have three new instances with this patch and there is going to be a number of new textures on some of the creatures. There are some irradiated and sickly creatures coming in from the wastelands.

Ten Ton Hammer: In your developer diary you said the new content is intended for those who adventure off the beaten path. Will the player have to find the new areas on their own, or are there hints in the rest of the world as to where they can find it?

Ian: There are a couple of missions out of Trader’s Flat that will take you down to this area.

Ten Ton Hammer: This content patch is a hint of what’s to come. Care to share another hint?

Ian: What I can say, and what will become very clear with this patch, is that we’re going to be focusing on the areas of irradiated and wastelands. Players will go out and into those areas and find out what’s been there.

Ten Ton Hammer: So this is a whole new storyline then, not just a continuation?

Ian: There are connections to old storylines. Some of the NPCs in the Deadfall Point storyline are the instigators of this story. There were some of them around for the Halloween event as well. They are clones created by LifeNet to deal with situations as they come up.

Ten Ton Hammer: Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers about the upcoming patch 1.3?

Ian: We’re also introducing two new creature types—Hazard Creatures and Veteran Creatures. Hazard Creatures are meant to be avoided rather than fought. They may be albe to be killed, but often inflict devastating debuffs. Veteran Creatures are tougher than normal creatures, but not as difficult as a full boss. Veterans generally require two to three players of equal level.

Fallen Earth Patch 1.3 - A Q&A with the Team Fe3
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Fallen Earth Patch 1.3 - A Q&A with the Team
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