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 Mutation Giving Missions

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PostSubject: Mutation Giving Missions   Fri Jan 22, 2010 10:32 pm

Empathic ~ Lightbearers/Haven/Wei Zhu

Enhancement ~ CHOTA/Fracture/Fung ~ Tech/Picus Ridge/Jericho Dyer

Nano ~ Tech/Picus Ridge/Dr. Ellen Bonner

Patho ~ CHOTA/Fracture/Teeka

Primal ~ CHOTA/Fracture/Softclaw ~ Vista/Thorne's Bluff/Constance Silmore

Sonic ~ Travellers/Credit Bend/Arial Screed ~ Vista/Thorne's Bluff/Constance Silmore *

Suppression ~ Enforcer/Post 23/Tripline

Telekinesis ~ Lightbearers/Haven/Wei Zhu

Telepathy ~ Lightbearers/Haven/Wei Zhu ~ Travellers/Credit Bend/Adrian Lazar

Thermal ~ CHOTA/Fracture/Claw of Redhand ~ Tech/Picus Ridge/Parker Tayback

* Sonic unlock mission follows on after Primal unlock in Thorne's Bluff

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Mutation Giving Missions
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