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 FallenTears Presents: The Icarus Studios Video Tour

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PostSubject: FallenTears Presents: The Icarus Studios Video Tour   Thu Jan 21, 2010 7:06 pm

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8PM EST, January 22nd (This Friday)
FallenTears Website
Aika Tears and Larce Apollo
Starts at: 7:30PM EST
New Flagstaff Bunker Bar
Come join us before and after the movie for a in-game party.

Fallen Earth Facebook:
Fallen Earth Twitter:

Hello Wastelanders!
I was recently given the opportunity to visit Icarus Studios in Cary, NC and film what I got to see on my tour of their facilities. After the tour, Icarus Studios let me to sit down and talk with several of the staff members and ask them some questions.

I was also able to Interview Lee Hammock and asked him several questions that are on the minds of many in the playerbase.

The video will "premier" at 8PM EST on the 22nd on the FallenTears website and will last about 15 minutes.

AFTER the video has been aired the film will be available for on-demand viewing for anyone who wants to rewatch the film or could not make it for the event.

I hope you all enjoy it.

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PostSubject: Re: FallenTears Presents: The Icarus Studios Video Tour   Fri Jan 22, 2010 10:54 am

I hope her screaming baby is in the movie!
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PostSubject: Re: FallenTears Presents: The Icarus Studios Video Tour   Fri Jan 22, 2010 10:55 pm

The highlights below were compiled by Flora from the official forums below.

Some of the Dev answers

Art Director, Chris
His favourite thing about FE is the setting. Likes dirty, grungy, nastiness of the setting. Opportunity for interesting looks. Real world. Pretty ugliness.

Ray Crowl(?), Dev Team Lead
Favourite part of FE is conflict towns and PvP system. Spent a lot of time on it and very proud of it.

Mike Franky, Audio Director
Favourite bits is the humour. For example, the gambling machine sound bites.

These were the questions Lee was asked and answered.

Rifleman tweaks?
- Looking at how interacts with melee defence (being discussed).
- New skill coming, Aggravated Wound, new rifle attack ability.
- Minor tweaks

Group Tactics/Athletics Changes?
- Not sure when it'll get done.
- Currently these 2 are two ugly red child skills of game.
- Because no passive use. Athletics not useful outside of PvP.
- Looking at buffing some skills, ie: First Aid, would affect health regeneration.
- Short term fix for buff exploit, changing how slots work, in the future looking about making buffs play less of a role in game. So fights less about what you stack/bring and more about how you play. Less buffs at a time use, buffs becoming more powerful individually.

Any updates/changes to Social?
- Long term plans.
- Feel most players who do this craft, are builders, and socially involved.
- Things for farms and more and housing will be based on social. World building and community aspects built on social skill.

Full loot/PvP Server?
- No.
- No full loot PvP ever, definitely nothing that does not require a very explicit opt-in.
- May have voluntary opt-in system, where players can flag, there might be some form of looting in this system, but he didn't seem very enthusiastic about it.

Clan v Clan System?
- Just designing a clan war system, clans can declare war on each other.
- PvP patch about individual PvP and clan based PvP, feels right now most PvP is factional based.
- Prototyping new system, so for example, duration matches, where you get a set amount of time and most kills wins, and other things like that.
- Looking what to do about turtling and logging off.

Why does it seem some factions have more skills than others?
- Some have more skills, but others have more crafting or more mutations.
- Balances across mutations AND crafting AND skills.
- CHOTA given as mutation heavy, but little crafting/skills. Enforcers given as skill heavy, little mutation.

What can we expect from near patches?
- Dead (something)? Point, new adventures.
- Tuning starer towns, to be more polished engaging.
- Item degradation system.
- Bugfixes+content next few patches, then PvP.

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PostSubject: Re: FallenTears Presents: The Icarus Studios Video Tour   Sat Jan 23, 2010 10:18 am

Clan Vs. Clan wars!!! This is going to be cool.
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PostSubject: Re: FallenTears Presents: The Icarus Studios Video Tour   

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FallenTears Presents: The Icarus Studios Video Tour
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