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 PvP Practice/Get Together for the Server!

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PvP Practice/Get Together for the Server! Empty
PostSubject: PvP Practice/Get Together for the Server!   PvP Practice/Get Together for the Server! Icon_minitimeWed Jan 06, 2010 2:20 am

The following clans have agreed to hold (and police) a weekly level 45 PvP practice, event, shindig every Saturday at 4PM EST starting the 9th of January in the Monkey Town PvP arena. Any 45 is welcome to come!

Wolves of War
Soldiers of Fortune
Suspicious Cheese
T.A.O. (The Awakened Order)
Lords of War
CSF (Czechoslovak Freelancers)

We will break up into different size teams doing everything from clan v clan to faction v faction to free for alls of all sizes. We also have different games planned. Basically it is an excuse to get together and PvP in a safe environment without fear of ganking. It also allows the smaller clans and groups to get in there on even terms and try out the larger guys. Again it doesnt matter what clan or faction you are in, all are welcome; even spectators.

Rezes will be handed out so there is minimal gear/weapon damage. Any attempt to disrupt the event will be dealt with by the 7 clans listed above. We are all together on this and all want to have a good time.

A central Ventrilo will be used. These clans decided on Wolves of War's Vent. Vent is NOT required but will be available for all who want to use it or just listen in. (Warning: Any attacks to server will be dealt with swiftly through Ventrilo and your IP will be banned from any Ventrilo services.)

server :
port: 3380
pass word: couch

posted by : HEAVY METAL from Wolves of War on the official FE forums.

PvP Practice/Get Together for the Server! Fe3
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PvP Practice/Get Together for the Server!
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