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 Gas Staions in S1

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PostSubject: Gas Staions in S1   Sun Aug 30, 2009 3:58 pm

Ever had trouble finding a gas station? Yeah, I think we've all been there. The ATLAS has ravaged sector 1 in search of all the gas stations and we've found 'em. Thirty-three feeding and fueling stations for your transportation pleasure.

Using the map above is really quite easy for a general idea of where they are located, but if you are adventurous, read on.

Be sure to back up the file before making any changes

Celusios posted this quick and easy guide about saving waypoints, and it works just as well to just copy and paste the coordinates below into it as long as you don't have any already saved (This is tested and working. If you have other waypoints, be sure to change their numbering so no numbers are duplicated).

• Go to your directory of Fallen Earth (C:/FallenEarth, can be different for you).

• Go to Settings.

• Go to User

• From here you will see names of your characters, for the character in which you want to back up its waypoints, UI and etc right click > copy and paste this anywhere you want it backed up at.

• From here, you have a saved copy of your waypoints and all those goodies. If you want your main character's waypoints on your alternate characters do the same, but instead paste it in that directory and rename it to that characters name (that being the file).

I tested it myself, and it worked fine for me, let me know if any of it works for you guys too.

Here as the waypoints to paste. Below is also a picture of the same waypoints in case you just need the coordinates for a specific one if you are lost, scared and alone...and your horse needs chow NOW!

WAYPOINT_0=Ascendant Ridge Gas Station,4544182,3671525,139353
WAYPOINT_1=Boneclaw Gas Station,3994312,3256137,142299
WAYPOINT_2=Central Plains Gas Station,4214312,3375532,140318
WAYPOINT_3=Clinton FARM Gas Station,3953050,3372460,140305
WAYPOINT_4=Coppermine Gas Station (North),4290861,3879996,142783
WAYPOINT_5=Coppermine Gas Station (South),4273772,3846153,140308
WAYPOINT_6=Depot 66 Gas Station,4381995,3493013,139601
WAYPOINT_7=Dry Flats Gas Station,4104143,3746188,139482
WAYPOINT_8=Embry Crossroad (East) Gas Stat,4305177,3226555,142708
WAYPOINT_9=Embry Crossroads (South) Gas S,4233794,3166173,143229
WAYPOINT_10=Linewood Facility Gas Station,4333261,3595470,142512
WAYPOINT_11=Midway Gas Station,3887644,3207663,144381
WAYPOINT_12=Missile Silos Gas Station,4641823,3959663,181759
WAYPOINT_13=Mowbray Basin Gas Station,4358502,3993077,137861
WAYPOINT_14=Mowbray Gas Station,4427355,4051019,138707
WAYPOINT_15=Mumford Gas Station,4170678,3067670,142608
WAYPOINT_16=Needle Eye Gas Station,4285330,3725031,145652
WAYPOINT_17=North Burb Gas Station,4393887,3290631,138634
WAYPOINT_18=Oasis Gas Station,4459247,4686115,184217
WAYPOINT_19=Odenville 1 Gas Station,3939589,3111776,145775
WAYPOINT_20=Odenville 2 Gas Station,4001073,3069319,142992
WAYPOINT_21=Oilville Gas Station,4323347,3466682,139744
WAYPOINT_22=Old Kingman Gas Station,4178905,3590080,140302
WAYPOINT_23=Pass Chris Gas Station,4514678,3812764,150134
WAYPOINT_24=South Burb Gas Station,4357788,3134291,140317
WAYPOINT_25=Spider Hill (Way North),4670933,4229639,181819
WAYPOINT_26=Spider Hill Gas Station,4693944,4112287,181682
WAYPOINT_27=Terance Gas Station,4387201,3398537,139038
WAYPOINT_28=Trailer Park Gas Station,4974450,4103189,128046
WAYPOINT_29=Trumbull Gas Station,4827647,4183927,175496
WAYPOINT_30=Watchtower Gas Station (East),4551929,3962459,183632
WAYPOINT_31=Watchtower Gas Station (West),4462234,3928951,179239
WAYPOINT_32=Zanesville Gas Station,4490567,3517514,138482

Here is a picture showing where to paste the coordinates. It's a simple notepad, so it should be easy. Just click on the picture to see a full sized version. This has been tested and is working well. The ATLAS hope to get contributions of waypoints for many other types of specific interests. We can now begin easily trading waypoints.

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Gas Staions in S1
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