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 First Night FAQ

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PostSubject: First Night FAQ   First Night FAQ Icon_minitimeSat Dec 26, 2009 1:34 am

What is the event about?

First Night is a holiday celebration that incorporates many of the traditions from holidays past. Players in the mood to spread holiday cheer can make their way to the various First Night mission hubs scattered throughout the wasteland. At these mission hubs players can participate in special holiday-themed missions such as "Boxing Day," where players can fight in a CHOTA sponsored fight club, or "Light the Darkness," in which players are tasked with bringing light to the dark places of the world. Players will receive buffs and special rewards for completing missions, such as Fruit Cake, Wassail, Gift Boxes, and festive Top Hats…including the rare White Top Hat!


When does First Night start?

First Night starts on December 14 and ends January 1.


What is the history of First Night?

Since the Fall, computer glitches and leap years have created uncertainty as to the actual date of the New Year. After years of research, a group of scholars known as the Archivist Coalition has finally determined the actual date of the New Year. In the process of their research, the Coalition also uncovered a lot of information about various holidays were celebrated in the past. In honor of the establishment of the true date, the Coalition is sponsoring First Night, an exciting festival that combines many holidays of the past.


Where do I start?

Mission hubs are located in several central and neutral towns in each sector. For exact locations, players can type the command /waypoint into the chat window, then input the coordinates below into the window that pops up. Mission hubs will be home to various NPCs that will either provide information about First Night or hand out special First Night missions.

Sector One

Embry Crossroads – 4238102 3215078 141760
Odenville – 3986887 3068757 143364
Watchtower – 4510987 3941292 182367

Sector Two

Sunshine Corners – 4566956 4987084 183004
New Flagstaff – 4524069 5484821 183405

Sector Three

Dieseltown – 6094289 5708106 193731
Trader's Flat – 6521320 5230762 189063


What will I find at a mission hub?

At each hub you will find NPCs from the various factions that either provide information about First Night or offer missions that reward players with buffs and special holiday in-game items. Players will have the opportunity to repeat many of these missions throughout the duration of the event.


How can I get special reward items?

You can obtain special reward items by completing the various missions being given by NPCs at the First Night mission hubs.


What types of rewards and special items will I be able to receive during First Night?

Figgy Pudding
Roast Goose
Black-Eyed Peas and Collards
Gingerbread Cookies
Fruit Cake
Top Hats
Gift Boxes
And an assortment of other holiday items…


What are Gift Boxes and how do I find them?

Gift Boxes are special rewards you will receive by completing certain First Night missions, found at the various First Night mission hubs. When "used," they transform into a useful item such as crafting components or holiday rewards, including Top Hats, Eggnog, and Mistletoe. You can also trade in Gift Boxes for a chance to win a special White Top Hat.


How do I get the White Top Hat?

The White Top Hat can only be obtained by trading in Gift Boxes to the Traveler NPC that can be found at each of the First Night mission hubs. Just be wary, the rewards for each trade are randomized and the chances of winning the White Top Hat are slim.


What’s so special about the White Top Hat?

It’s ultra rare…

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First Night FAQ
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