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 So you want a rocket launcher?

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So you want a rocket launcher? Empty
PostSubject: So you want a rocket launcher?   So you want a rocket launcher? Icon_minitimeFri Dec 25, 2009 4:43 pm

i can make rocket launchers for anyone who can use it (164 rifle skill).

its a bit tricky. every time you want to make one you have to do barrel research and hope you get lucky and get the barrel instead of a broken barrel or a random composite rifle barrel. it can take up to 6-7 tries or yoiu can get lucky and get it on the first try.

the mats for research are 2 salvaged ceramic (or 8 scrap ceramic), 3 common fasteners, and one scrap titanium.

there are a few spots to farm scrap ceramic (clay node, 120 geology). the one i hit is 4-8 nodes on a 45-60 minute respawn N of bankers hole by the lightbearer camp and satelite dish.

anyone who wants a rocket launcher i will do the research till i get the barrel, i cant promise how many its gonna take but thast how you make a launcher. so contact me and be prepared to send salv ceramic till we get the barrel.

the mats once you have the barrel are cheap. 4 salv ceramic, 6 common fasteners, 1 salv alloy steel, and 9 average gears.

alternately i will sell any that i make for 3 red to any clanmate with 100 rockets thrown in. the average ah price is between 4-5 red ammo extra. i wont be making many on my own as its a terrific time dump and spending alot of mats on the research, so dont thik im gonna do it all day and just sell them.
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So you want a rocket launcher?
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